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How to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error – Quick Solutions

Are you facing your connection is not private error while exploring the web browser? Here is the several solutions to fix the error. The web is a beautiful place, but also a point of concern when it comes to security. Several privacy and cybersecurity problems begin when we visit defendant websites or unwittingly provide information to hackers. In the past few years, popular browsers have started informing users when they’re about to visit a website that’s not trusted.

Most often, it’s because a website is using HTTP rather than the more HTTPS protocol. This usually means the website was not updated to a secure connection, but there’s no point in taking a chance – and your browser doesn’t know whether it’s laziness on the frame of developers or a hacking effort.

Your Connection Is Not Private Fix
Your Connection Is Not Private Fix

What Does ‘Your Connection Is Not Private’ Mean 

“Your connection is not private” error only concerns sites running over HTTPS (or should be going over HTTPS). When you visit a website, your web browser sends a request to the server where the website is hosted. The web browser then has to verify the certificate placed on the website to assure it satisfies current privacy standards. Other things that also occur include the TLS handshake, the certificate being checked against the certificate authority, and the decryption of the certificate.

If the web browser detects that the certificate isn’t genuine, it will automatically prevent you from reaching the site. This feature is made into web browsers to protect the user. Suppose the certificate isn’t set up correctly. In that case, this means data can’t be appropriately encrypted, and therefore the site is unsafe to visit (especially those with logins or that process payment information). Rather than loading the website, it will pass an error message, such as your connection is not private.

Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome
Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome

What Causes Your Connection is Not Private Error Appears?

Before entering a website, your web browser validates digital certificates of that website to assure they’re meeting obligations and will safeguard your private information, such as contact information, passwords, and payment methods, usually via encryption. Most often, your connection is not private error rests in a website’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which is required for sites running over HTTPS (connection security). If your web browser can’t confirm an SSL certificate, it stops you from visiting the site by giving you the “your connection is not private” error message.

Causes vary as to why an SSL certificate can’t be tested. The certificate might be missing altogether, expired, or set up incorrectly, which means the site cannot adequately protect your data. No matter the reason for the SSL fluke, the owner of the website must set it. Seldom, however, your web browser or device settings might be hiccuping, and unable to communicate with the website you’re trying to visit. Fortunately, you can often troubleshoot this dilemma yourself, and the steps are relatively the same for each browser.

Your Connection Is Not Private
Your Connection Is Not Private

How to Get Resolved from Your Connection is Not Private Error

Here are the ways to fix the error your connection is not private on desktop and mobile devices. Follow the steps to get resolved from the problem-

Check & Correct Date & Time 

We’ve all been in a situation where we lost our key, looked everywhere to find that the key was sitting in the pocket all along? Well, this solution is kind of like that. Your system’s date and time—something that we take for granted—might be incorrect and could be causing trouble. Whether you’re using an Apple device, a Windows one, or Android, this step might be the key you’ve been searching for.

Clear Chrome’s Browsing Data

As we know, browsers store your browsing data; and this data might be preventing your browser from establishing a secure connection. So, you need to clear your data. Here’s how:

In Computer: Hit Ctrl + Shift + Delete and clear the whole data.

In a Mobile Phone: Chrome menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear all the Browsing Data.

Check your Antivirus & Firewall Settings

Many aren’t aware of antivirus software that they monitor the web pages loaded in your browser, Chrome in this case. Your firewall might have been configured so that it doesn’t let Chrome make a secure connection with the server, ultimately finishing in the Your Connection is Not Private Error.

We cannot give the exact answer as there are thousands of antivirus and firewalls, and UI/UX for each is distinct. But what we can do is give you the command, you’ll have to enter the destination on your own.

In your software or firewall, impair the SSL/TLS scanning or monitoring selection.

Update Chrome

What do you we when the PC crashes? We restart, right? Similarly, in browsers, we recommend updating them on a pretty regular basis. If you don’t, you’re mission out on a lot of valuable essences. They nearly always come with security patches, and you could be fixing your computer at risk by not updating. So, it’s still better to stay up-to-date.

Update Chrome in Computer: Chrome menu > Help > About Google Chrome

Update Chrome in a Mobile: Chrome menu > Help > Update Google Chrome

Proceed Anyway

Advanced link and then hit on the ‘Proceed to…’ link. Remark that this might put your computer at risk and isn’t recommended.

If any of the solutions didn’t fix the ‘Your Connection is not Private’ Error, it could be a deeper issue. Try a different browser or establish Chrome after uninstalling it. We hope this helps!


The listed answers should help if the issue is on your end. Though, if the SSL certificates are expired, site administrators require to apply a fix themselves. Support them out by sending an email or reaching them via social media.

We believe that this article was effective, and you were able to solve the “Your connection is not private” Error in Google Chrome. If there is another method that helped you solve this problem, please share it by leaving a comment in the section below.


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