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Local SEO Services in South Jersey: “The region’s online presence

Local SEO services play a crucial role in helping businesses in South Jersey increase their online visibility and attract targeted local customers. In today’s digital age, where the majority of consumers rely on search engines to find local businesses, having a strong online presence is essential for success. This is where local SEO comes into […]

G4 Analytics

Introduction To Google Analytics 4 – Meet The Next Generation Of Google Analytics

Recently, Google launched its new version of Analytics with extensive updates, affecting your business or job graph. Google Analytics 4 is slightly different from an old version of Google Analytics. It is a popular version of the software for data collection and web traffic analysis used by millions of businesses and websites. GA software is […]

website analysis

Most Prominent Ways for Website Analysis in 2021

We often talk about how important it is to focus on your project and not get distracted by others. That’s true. Even so, sneaking a peek at your competitors’ website analysis isn’t a bad idea, especially when it comes to getting feedback. New content can be written, new ideas can be gotten for what to […]

Cost Of Customer Acquisition

What Is Customer Acquisition Cost & How to calculate it?

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the amount of money a company spends to acquire a new customer. By determining the cost of customer acquisition, a business can determine if the customer acquisition efforts are worth it. By combining the costs associated with converting sights into customers (advertising, marketing, sales personnel, etc.) and sharing that amount […]

Google Analytics: 4 Actionable Insights You Must Monitor

Every SEO specialist understands that there is much more to ranking on the first page of a search engine than uploading a couple of posts on a blog and stuffing them with keywords. Laypersons can hardly conceive how nuanced SEO is. Most SEO beginners probably didn’t think they would be doing so much of reading […]

60+ SEO Statistics to Help You Rank #1 in 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly dynamic and keeping up to speed with it can be quite challenging. To rank better, websites must deliver better information to the search engines and ensure that their content is correctly indexed and displayed among the top results in the SERPs. Below is a list of google maps If […]

Best SEO Questionnaire


Whenever you begin your SEO prospect journey, you will land on the stage where you’d be discovering the client. It’s all about getting to know the needs, expectations, and goals of your clients and saving your time and cost. Your questionnaire should be thorough and should highlight your professionalism and knowledge. It should start by […]

google analytics data with moz api

Analytics of SEO for Free- Combination of Google Search with the Moz API

As a self- funded owner of the business, I wish to get as many things free as I can before trying to convince our finance director to invest over funds of the hard-earned bootstrapping. Along with being a businesswoman, I am a research analyst as and have considerable knowledge about computer science along with the […]


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