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CompetitorAnalysis Service

If you've never conducted a competitive analysis earlier, you may not know what it is. To put it merely, competitive analysis is a process of seeing where you stand in comparison to your competitors. In this example, you compare SEO strategies to see how you stack up compared to competitors.

When you conduct a competitive analysis, you can learn about your competitor's strengths and weaknesses. It creates an opportunity for you to perform better than your competition and adapt some of the tactics that make them successful.

SEO competitors' analysis is pretty essential and helps you to understand better the optimization strategies of competitors like what they are doing, what are their keywords and backlinking strategies, and so on. Your main competitors are the websites which are targeting the same keywords, countries, or audience you intend to target. You should identify your competitors to run an efficient SEO campaign and to be a successful website owner.

VFMSEO Consultants has an experienced and professional team of SEO specialists that can assist you to analyze the websites of your competitors efficiently. We have analyzed numerous websites and worked for the world's leading companies. We use different SEO tools and bizarre techniques to analyze a website.

How VFMSEO Work to Analyze Your Competitors

Monitor Keyword Rankings: Through comprehensive keyword research and analysis, we'll be able to determine what people are searching for and how you can bring more value to the table. We'll analyze what your competitors currently rank for, how difficult it would be for you to outrank them, and find ways to target easier, voluminous keywords of which the competition might be unaware.

Adjust Your Strategy: Your website's strategy to rank well will heavily involve technical adjustments and content revisions, which we can make. To ensure competitors do not overtake your site, we identify the areas in which they may be lacking so you can capitalize on their weaknesses.

There can be only one webpage at the top of search results. To get there, you need to have a robust strategy to overtake your competition, which can only be done by knowing their process and thoroughly analyzing their tactics to adjust yours. We'll help you get there.

How We Process for Competitor Analysis Service

By project backlinks SEO competitor analysis services, every page of your rival website is analyzed individually by the following Quad-factorial competitor research. These factors are: –

Screening for primary competitors

These are the brands that are targeting the same keywords and ranking for them; however, they need not be real rivals. As an instance, a coupon website may be competing against an e-commerce website as well.

Evaluation of keywords for each competitor

Understanding the way your competitor is maintaining the top rank by working as per Google's algorithm to his benefits is crucial. Specific keywords bring most of the traffic to a website, and that will further get leads and clients for the services. This research for competitor analysis of SEO includes:-

  • The important keywords for which your competitor home page is ranking
  • The top keywords for the website and their order as per Google
  • The average monthly search volume for those keywords
  • Determining the difficulty level of these high ranking keywords

The competitor analysis of SEO reports will provide the strength and weakness of your target website. You will also know the keywords you will need to target that can make your website rank high, and the keywords will require more time to rank. Combining the result, you can design your campaign and strategy to gain favorable results.

Evaluation of keywords for each competitor

This step is done to optimize the strength of your competitor's website. If your rival website is not appropriately optimized, you hold a chance to gain more organic traffic by ranking quickly as per SEO by a successful campaign. The factors your competitor's website lacks will be your strength, and our SEO specialists will help you in discovering these flaws. Some key factors that determine a website's rank as per SEO are

  • The clarity of the website
  • A clear description of title tags
  • Description tag status
  • Quality of content and keywords used in the blog
  • Interlinking of the pages and main pages having most of the links
  • If the blog is optimized for sharing, and keywords ranking

Thorough off-site research

Relying entirely upon on-site research will be the ignorance we can't afford, and hence certain off-site factors are investigated, that influence the performance of SEO. The last part of SEO competitor analysis includes going over-

  • Domain authority
  • Page authoritys
  • Index for Google
  • Search results for the keywords
  • The number of results exhibited
  • Type of backlinks on your competitor's site
  • Social media engagement and effectiveness of your competitor

These are the main components on which a competitor SEO analysis company works upon. A better agency will carefully perform the competitor analysis SEO to bring you the correct report that displays the strength and weaknesses of your competitor's. With the right research and assistance, you will gain the quality results that you want quickly.

For more queries, please feel free to contact us.

What is your Competitor Evaluation Strategy?

Our competitor analysis approach dives deep into questions like what your biggest competitors are up to, what's working for them, what kinds of content they are putting out there, what's boosting their traffic, and driving conversions, etc. By analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we help you grow your market share and get a leg up on your competition.

How do I find my SEO keyword competitors?

Evaluate competition by looking at search engine results (SERPs) to determine how many sites are competing for the exact keyword phrase and if these sites are well optimized and have link authority. In Google, search for the keyword phrase in quotes to find the number of indexed pages for the exact phrase.

Why do we do a competitor analysis?

The competitive analysis aims to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market, strategies that will provide you with a distinct advantage, the barriers that can be developed to prevent competition from entering your industry, and any weaknesses that can be exploited.


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