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What is White Label SEO & how it helps Your Business?

We can equip you with all the SEO resources and know-how you need. Our white label SEO program represents a valuable opportunity for SEO resellers to improve the quality of their services and minimize costs. We respect and understand that our world rests in an unprecedented and uncertain time right now – including the world of many web and digital agencies. We have recently introduced our free SEO audits for any potential partner interested in getting a little more SEO insight for their clients. If you’re debating on partnering with a white-label SEO provider, why not start by taking a demo with access to submit a free (manual) audit, and we can continue the conversation from there.

Outsourcing SEO is a widespread practice in today’s digital agency world. With the constantly evolving landscape and the historically negative reputation, many companies decide to stay clear of SEO. Those who approach it often do so in a white label SEO model or a different type of outsourced SEO solution.

In this article, we present the option of White Label SEO We’re a little biased as that is the service we offer here at SEO Brothers. However, we recommend this approach over other options such as reseller plans or contract outsourcing – and for a good reason!

White Label
White Label

What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO (also referred to as SEO Reselling) is a digital marketing solution that enables your agency to offer and sell organic SEO services to your clients without learning to hire in-house for those SEO services. You can deliver high-quality SEO services through your brand without having to do any of the work, continuously while still leaving plenty of margin for your business.

The best kinds of White Label SEO solutions will provide the support and training you would expect from a hire at a price point that allows you to experience at least 50% gross service margins.

White Label Seo Company
White Label Seo Company

Why Is White Label Important?

You may be asking why white label SEO is important. Why would anyone choose a white label SEO reseller? The easy answer is white label SEO services benefit the agency and the reseller.

White label SEO allows SEO professionals to do a job without attracting new clients—a big attraction for SEO professionals vying for business in a competitive landscape. SEO Outsourcing provides search engine optimization professionals to receive projects at regular intervals without hunting for new clients. Meanwhile, the company that is reselling SEO can spend more time focusing on its key competencies.

White Label Seo Services
White Label Seo Services

Benefits of White Label SEO

Still not convinced that white label SEO is an immeasurable option? Here are a few more of the benefits that SEO reselling can return to the table.

New Clients

Whether you are an SEO professional or a reseller, white label SEO partnerships benefit both parties when it comes to the total number of clients you have. It also helps your clients because they have a single point of contact. Agencies that outsource to SEO consultants will have a rigorous screening process when choosing their SEO partner. In an industry where companies are continually overpromising, it can be invaluable to support an agency that you already trust for your other marketing services.

Better Results

White label SEO enables SEO professionals to provide their services at a more competitive price. Because they are not spending time marketing their product, SEO resellers can spend all of their time focusing on delivering the best possible outcome for their client.

Fast Turnaround

A project that is shared between two companies will naturally be completed in a shorter timeframe. Because the reseller spends all of their time managing the client, SEO experts can spend more time developing strategies to deliver the best result for the customer.

Setting a clear outline of project expectations will also enable you to spend less time pitching back and forth with the client. Usually, the client will have a pre-existing relationship with the reseller, which means mutual trust in the product is delivered.

White Label Seo Reports
White Label Seo Reports

White Label SEO: Cost-Effective Solution

Why not start giving a few campaigns with a $750 monthly commitment vs. a $5000 monthly commitment of hiring an employee? With a white label provider, you’re able to start smaller and scale faster than you would with a dedicated staff.

If you already have resources on your team and the capacity to serve clients, then that might be a better way to go. However, we often find that having someone on your team that at least understands the basics of SEO can do very well as the point of contact with a white-label provider in attending to relay important information to your clients.


[faq_item title=”What is a white label partner?” decs=”A White Label Partner is an individual or team who does work on your client’s project but appears to be part of your core team. They use your branded email, you’re chosen Project Management tool (BPM), and might even go as far as creating an alias on social media from which to talk directly to your end client.”][faq_item title=”What is white label pricing?” decs=”White-labeling, in the case of software and services, allows re-sellers to achieve a competitive price point (one point that makes it similar to a private label model) without adding the expenses of manufacturing or coding the software in-house, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies.”][faq_item title=”What is white label advertising?” decs=”White labeling indicates that a company has rebranded another company’s product or service to offer it to their customers as their own. Through this process, the company white labeling a product can provide their audience with a new product or service without reinventing the wheel themselves.”][faq_item title=”What is an SEO reseller?” decs=”An SEO reseller is simply an agency specializing in SEO and white labels its services to other agencies (typically design, development, and marketing agencies). In short, SEO resellers help you give clients SEO services without actually hiring any in-house SEO experts.”]



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