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What is Vlogging and How to Start a Vlog in 2021?

September 28, 2021

Vlogging is the new normal. The toddlers do it; teens do it; moms do it; industry experts do it. But how exactly do you become a vlogger? Is there a school you should attend for vlogging? How about creating a fake website and promoting it online? I think that’s halfway in between.

As a vlogger, you do not need to study a career, but it is not as easy as pressing the publish button. It’s important to have a purpose, a message, a platform, an audience, and more. But don’t worry, putting all these together is not as hard as it may sound. This beginner’s guide to vlogging will teach you everything you need to know about vlogging, from figuring out what to say to make money with your videos.

Best Vlogging Camera
Best Vlogging Camera

What is a Vlog? 

In vlogs, a person shares their expertise or their life through video, with an average video length of around five minutes. As the name implies, a vlog is a combination of ‘video’ and ‘blog.’ In essence, it’s just a motion picture version of the sort of content you can find on a traditional blog. By sharing ideas and experiences, vlogs connect with an audience.

Vlogs differ from other types of video content in that the main subject is the vlogger. For example, a travel vlog revolves around the creator’s experiences and thoughts, whether shown in the frame or through a voice-over. A travel video, on the other hand, focuses primarily on the destination, usually from an objective standpoint.

Generally, there are two types of vlogging: ‘talking-head and ‘follow me around.’ In talking-head videos, the camera remains still while the vlogger talks about a topic or guides the audience through a process. Videos such as make-up tutorials and cooking videos are common examples of this type of vlog. On the other hand, ‘follow me around’ vlogs see creators in different locations and record clips throughout their day. This vlogging style is trendy for travel videos and dedicated day-in-the-life vlogs.

How to start vlogging?

Having answered the question of ‘what is a vlog’ and knowing how to make money from your prednisone where to buy videos, take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to start vlogging:

Determine your niche 

The first step to becoming a vlogger is defining the type of content you wish to create. Having a clear niche will allow viewers to quickly understand what to expect from your videos, which will make it more likely for the relevant audience to subscribe to your channel.

Fitness, food, make-up, travel, unboxing, and gaming are some of the most popular vlogging categories. While you don’t need to stick to one of these fields, it’s essential to ensure the type of content you want to create is in demand.

Watch other creators

After you’ve determined the type of content you want to create, it’s time to get inspired. Check out the content that is similar to what you want to create. Browse vlogs by popularity and publishing date to see how the field has evolved. Look up the most popular vloggers in your space and determine what makes them different from the competition.

Vlogging is much like any other skill you learn by observing others who have experience in the field. Spending more time on this step will give you more information on which to base your journey.

Find your voice

You need to develop a unique voice if you want to become a successful vlogger. When you enter the competitive vlogging world, you must start thinking of yourself as a brand and your content as a product. Not only do you need to create exciting videos, but they also need to be aesthetically appealing and generally entice the audience into watching more. 

Consider what you can offer your audience that no other vlogging channel can. Whether you have years of field experience or extraordinary visuals, it can all be considered. Be sure that whatever you choose to create can be used in all of your videos, or at least a majority of them, and won’t become outdated over time.

Invest in gear

You’ll need different equipment depending on the kind of vlog you want to produce. Traveling the world and baking a carrot cake doesn’t seem like they’d require the same tools, would they? Furthermore, your technical skills and budget will also play a significant role in this decision. 

Define your content

To give your channel a homogeneous look, it’s essential to establish a set of guidelines from the get-go. This will allow viewers to have a clear idea of what to expect when subscribing to your channel in terms of content, style, and regularity.

Start by defining whether you intend to create improvised or scripted content. Others create a detailed shot list prior to setting up the camera, whereas some prefer simply pointing the camera at the ideas they want to discuss.

Edit your videos

Video editing is a skill you need to master if you want to be a vlogger. Get familiar with the software you’ll be using, and don’t start sharing your videos until you feel the result is good enough. Despite the possibility that you may look back at your early career and wonder what you could have done differently, your starting level should meet industry standards.

Make sure all your videos are edited according to the same guidelines. Use similar types of shots and cuts and identical music styles to create a consistent look and feel through your channel. Many vloggers make their intro clips to be identifiable at first glance.

Build an online presence 

There shouldn’t be a single platform where you do all your vlogging. To maximize your audience reach, you’ll need to create a solid online presence that expands through several networks. In addition to setting up a profile on all major (and relevant) social media platforms, you should create a video website that serves as the umbrella that ties together all your accounts. A website’s unparalleled SEO capabilities will increase your chances of being found online even further. 

Luckily, today, it’s as easy and straightforward as opening a social network profile to create a stunning video website. Using a professional videographer website template, uploading your content, and customizing the colors will be all you need.

Optimize your content

After you post your content on the internet, the next step in your career as a vlogger is to ensure that people can access it. You will need to learn how to do proper SEO in order to achieve this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which roughly translates to improving web page content to increase its visibility on search engines.

Many people are still unaware of the importance of video SEO, even though SEO practices are common knowledge by now. The right keyword research and metadata practices can make or break your vlogging career, so make sure to dedicate significant time and resources to them.

Track your performance

The fact that your vlogs are finally out there doesn’t mean that your job is done. Keep an eye on how they perform over time to identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to viewers’ comments and use your other platforms to ask for constructive criticism explicitly. 

The best way to learn how to vlog is to learn from your experiences and constantly improve your work, both in front of and behind the camera.

Collaborate with others

After you have published a few vlogs and built the foundations of your brand, begin interacting with other creators. If you want to make genuine connections with other vloggers in your field, don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Here, friendships should take precedence over business for two reasons. One, the content you eventually create together will be much more exciting and fun to watch. And two, in the long run, it’s much better to be known as an exciting person than as a money-grubber.

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