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What is SERP, and Why is it Important for SEO?

Are you here to know why SERP matters a lot in SEO? There are 80,000 search queries on the Google search engine every second. Whenever a consumer searches for the answers to their questions, it returns a page full of results that match the searcher’s query. This page loaded with results is called the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

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What is SERP? 

SERP is unique for each search query based on the keywords and phrases used when consumers search for their results. Therefore, there are always subtle differences between the two SERPs, even if the question involving a similar keyword has been made.

Google considers the location of the searcher, the past browsing history on that IP Address, and many other factors. However, the most significant trend in the SEO world right now is that SEOs prophesied would help with a ranking over three years ago is featured snippets. For instance, when you search for a common question such as, “What is SERP?”

Millions of results populate for this search query, but what about the details underneath or above the link and title? That is the featured snippet. Here are two examples:

These two snippets are different types of featured snippets, but that is for a different blog on another day!

Paid and organic SERP 

There are essentially two types of content on any SERP, organic results and paid results.

Although paid results can be optimized for better returns, the organic results have Omaha SEO experts working the hardest. This is because it is how to build credibility over time with Google and other search engines.

Paid search is essential, but having only paid search will not rank a website over time. Clients come to Omaha Media Group with the long-term strategy of ranking in their industry and location before their competition. While all of this is occurring, they are garnering short-term goals with paid search.

For indexing a web page, Google utilizes its parameters. Some of the well-known parameters are the number of quality backlinks from authoritative sources, search volume, HTML code utilized in the domain, crawl rate, bounce rate, average time spent on a page, keywords, social media sharing, responsiveness, and loading time of a website and nature of the content. That’s only a couple of things!

With over a billion searches led every day on Google, it is imperative to make sure that your website ranks on Google. For more information, contact us today.

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The display is dependent on many factors

When the Google SERPs were first set at the beginning of the 2000s, they were relatively static and were roughly the same for every user using the same country-version of Google. Now they are dependent on many different factors. On the one hand, there are other ranking factors about the positioning of each snippet. Moreover, there are also other signals which influence the order of the results:

  • Registered users: if a google user is registered with their account, the search results will be adapted according to prior user behavior, provided that this is permitted in their data buy valium 5mg online protection settings.
  • Browser history: if a user does not empty the Cache of the browser, Google obtains details regarding previous search queries with cookies and adapts the results accordingly.
  • Location: if the geo-localization is activated, Google aligns the SERPs to the place of the user. In this way, search results for the search term “Pizza takeaway” in Berlin will differ from those in Munich. With local search results, these will be combined with results from Google Maps.
  • Device: If a user searches through a mobile device, the search results will look distinctive, as Google favors, for example, mobile-optimized websites in the SERPs.

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Ranking factors for the SERPs

Google’s algorithms use hundreds of various factors to determine the ranking of a website in the SERPs. The need for ranking is that the Googlebot has crawled and indexed the page. Once these steps have been taken, the loading speed, quality of the content, quality of the incoming links, keyword focus, and mobile optimization, for example, play a relevant role.

In addition, user signals such as the return-to-SERP rate or the length of hold influence the placement on the search result pages. Google also holds SSL encryption to decide on the ranking for a website.

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Importance for search engine optimization

Better positioning in the SERPs related to direct competitors is the primary goal of search engine optimization. To direct as much traffic as possible through good rankings to your web pages, your site must provide the best and most relevant results from a content and technical perspective. Moreover, trust in the website and internal and external linking play an essential role.

Search engines usually use the Meta title and Meta description of the landing page for the title and description in the snippet. Therefore, the ranking of individuals is not the only factor that contributes to a high click rate. An optimized Meta title and Meta description can draw the consideration of users to the snippet. Ideally, such a snippet should contain an invitation to click using a call to action. Snippet improvement is an imperative part of search engine optimization and an integral part of on-page optimization.

SEOs focus on assuring their website is in the first ten results of the SERP (top 10) because 90% of the user clicks are distributed. An optimized snippet can support increasing the CTR. Through the development of AdWords adverts to a block of four, Google has intensified the battle for the top positions in the organic SERPs. Above all, with transactional Keywords and Keyword combinations, AdWords adverts or shopping adverts will not be involved.

Rich snippets

Another essential element of the SERPs is rich snippets. These are search results that have been enriched with machine-readable metadata (structured data). Webmasters can, for example, distinguish the source code of their website with officially accessible reviews as structured data using a markup language.

These reviews will be displayed within the snippet in the search results. Therefore, the snippet can be enriched with extra information, meaning the probability that it will be clicked on increases.


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