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What Is A Pbn Site

What is PBN in Internet Marketing and Its Role in SEO?

This is the complete guide on what is PBN in internet marketing and its Role in SEO. A PBN is short for Private Blog Network. It is a network of websites that are highly authoritative that are used to build links to your target website (the website you want to rank higher for your target keyword), aka, money website. This kind of link building is solely done to rank higher in Google for your target keywords. Below is the structure that every beginner PBN user follows to rank their websites. But you don’t have to follow that.

One important detail you should notice here is that none of the PBNs are linked to each other. The whole idea of creating a private blog network is to seem that these prednisone buy canada websites are unrelated and these are entirely natural links. In Google’s eyes, you do not want it to look like someone is linking to their website from a group of websites that they own.

What Is Pbn
What Is Pbn

Role of PBN in SEO 

Search engine optimization refers to how you can make your website rank on the SERP, i.e., Google’s search engine research page. With all these Backlinks that you have made on private blog network blog sites, let’s understand the role of a Private Blog network in SEO. Best PBNs is Here

  1. Control your backlinks: As I mentioned earlier, backlinks made through PBN are in your control as they are made through private blogs owned by you. So you can see the quality, quantity, and frequency of backlinks you are creating for your website over some time. That is the number one benefit and use of using a Private Blog Network. You can use anchor text and link quickness to rank higher naturally on SERP with your money website.
  2. Easier to manage: Many SEO’s believe in private blog networks than doing other strategies to get editorial links to their website. It is easier for them to have managed private blogs than doing email outreach, guest post, or any other way to have links built to their website.
  3. Increase Clients: You can use PBN networks to boost people SERP ranking quickly and efficiently if you have a correct network build. You can use PBN to make clients who are on the second and third pages of SERP results and ask them to help them rank higher. This enables you to build a great client base with PBN.

How PBN or Private Blog Network Works? 

Some may see the structure of PBN as very complicated. So let’s first understand the various components of this network.

The Money Website 

Money website refers to the website from which you want to make money. That implies you want it to rank higher on Google search result pages, and hence you will be linking towards this site.

Tier 1 Private Blogs or Web 2.0 website

Now, these are the high domain websites directly linking to your money website. These are blog sites other than your main website, and a collection of them is called a private blog network. Why are these called Private? Because you buy them, you accept their domains and their hosting, and you have their logins so that you can build them according to your wish. How many of these websites you have to buy depends on your main website’s niche and competition. Web 2.0 are social sites that you can use to build a PBN for free. The example of these sites is Twitter, wordpress.com, Pinterest, etc.

Tier 2 Websites

Tier2 websites support the Tier 1 websites; they are backlinks that help the Tier1 get high domain authority. The number of Tier 2 websites keeping Tier 1 should be around 4 to 5 per website.

Tier 3 websites

These websites are used to support the Tier 2 websites, which are also 5-6 per Tier2 website. That results in hundreds of websites linking each other and creating a network.

Once you have all these elements, you have to write blogs on these Tier 1 private blog sites and link them to your money websites. You have to use various keywords in these blogs related to your money website’s niche.

What Is A Pbn
What Is A Pbn

Things You Should Keep in Brain While Using PBN

  1. Keywords: Choosing the right keywords used in your PBN network websites that are linking towards your website is essential. Right keywords utilized in the right way can make your website rank better and efficiently on Google search result pages. For example:

If your website is related to digital marketing, then to rank your company on number one in Google research, you need to use keywords like “best SEO services in the USA” or “best SEO agency in the USA.” Now you have these two keywords, how will you apply them in your PBN websites to rank your money website? Well, you must keep using them according to the competition in the specific niche, location, and various other factors.

  1. Anchor link: HTML, also known as a hypertext markup language, is used to build the net and contains various kinds of tags. Anchor tag, (Syntax = <a> …</a>) is used to link the high authority websites to your main money website.

I hope now you know how indexing is done and what is the importance of each part of that syntax.

  1. Backlinks frequency: Yes, it important to keep in mind the number of backlinks you can make from this high authority website. You can control the number of backlinks linked towards your money website, which means that if these backlinks are less or more, it will affect your money website’s ranking on Google SERP, i.e., the Search engine research page. You can start with less number of backlinks and increase it with time.
  2. Maintained Websites: These high authority websites are directly related to your money website; hence they should be held. Even if one of these websites are not managed well, by that, I mean they should be perfectly aligned and updated. If any of these websites detect by Google, it will affect your whole private blog network, and it can also get un-indexed by Google.
  3. Use metrics: There are many metrics available like Moz and Majestic that you can use to know the value of the backlinks you have. These metrics help you find out whether backlinks of the particular domain are right or not cause if there are not good, that means your money website is in danger as these websites are going to link to your money websites.

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