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Unnatural links warning: How to Handle it!

Google webmaster tools have predetermined the website optimization techniques that it applies throughout its website cluster to check for the crummy set to rank the worth noting and valuable website for user visibility on the website search engine. Unnatural links are bad links that may cause you under direct Google surveillance and manual action from its authorities. Because it intends to manipulate the ranking on search results, it becomes the source of income for spammers once they have created or bought from a third party. If you are concerned about unnatural links warning, we intend to cover how to handle several warning types.

Manual action from the Google authorities against bad links or scammy websites generates warnings for unnatural links. Webspam department sent the website audit for suspicious links. They compile a list of all websites with unnatural links. Once they find some dubious tactics, they either rank up on the search result or generate a warning message for unnatural links.

Manual Warning vs. Automatic Algorithm Penalties
Manual Warning vs. Automatic Algorithm Penalties

Differentiate: Manual Warning vs. Automatic Algorithm Penalties

Let’s indulge in the difference between penalties Google generates to curb the spread of confusion on unnatural link warnings. These are of two types.

  • The first is Manual Action Warnings
  • The second one is AutomaticAlgorithmPenalties.

It originated when Penguin launched its first update in 2012. It is pretty ambiguous to determine the website’s characteristics for warnings for webmasters and website owners alike.

Manual Action Warnings for Unnatural Links

Manual Action Warnings are from Google employees primarily responsible for reviewing the website and link profile. Because they feel the devious approach for ranking specific websites in the search result, warning you will eventually receive to notify and restrict scammy activity.

Penalties From Automatic Algorithm

Automatic AlgorithmPenalties, in contrast, are from Panda or Penguin Artificial Intelligent Robots. It generates a warning automatically once found guilty of violating Google guidelines. At the same time, evaluate the website or embedded links on the website, with constant Google endeavors to upgrade the algorithm to reduce human involvement in reviewing the websites. It accurately determines the causes based on the Automatic Algorithm. Once your website gets under the Automatic Algorithm’s investigation, the website will face a sudden drop in the website ranking. As Automatic Algorithm reviews, the website performance not living up to the expectation fell under surveillance and penalized.

How To Resolve Unnatural Link Warnings

After learning the types of unnatural link warnings, let’s discover all the manual action warnings.

Unnatural Outbound Links Warning
Unnatural Outbound Links Warning

Unnatural Outbound Links Warning

Google Webmaster notifies you when your website has unnatural unbound links in the link profiles.

It indicates warnings like “unnatural links from your site” are associated with a manual action that affects a specific part. Therefore it is termed “PartialMatches,” whereas “Side-Wide Matches” implies affecting the entire website.

How To Fix Outbound Links

Encounter it using any given approach once you acknowledge the anomalous links violation.

1.     Remove Unnatural via rel= “nofollow” tag
  • Identify all those spammy links because Google does not specifies violating its guidelines.
  • Then try to remove it via rel= “nofollow.”
2.     Use 301 Redirect Attribute
  • To fix the unnatural outbound link, you can use the 301 redirect attribute usually blocked by “robot.txt.”
  • Reconsider website requests once sorted out all the unnatural links. It informs Google for rectification of identified issues for revoke of ManualAction.
Unnatural Inbound Links Warning
Unnatural Inbound Links Warning

Unnatural Inbound Links Warning

Google has already mentioned avoiding using inconsistent links in your website with its illustration. Whenever Google Webmaster points to your website for some strange or abnormal links, it will stimulate warnings for such unnatural links.

The Partial Matches are what it means for unnatural links in scattered segments of your website. Consider the Google given instances that reveal the suspicious pattern and why it consistently points to your website. Because it is not a deliberate attempt to influence search results, it will notify the part of the website. Violating Google instructions will then eventually penalize your website with a manual warning.

How To Fix Inbound Links Warning

It is not as easy to determine the inbound link anomalies for unknown or unidentifiable domain links referring to your website. It takes the following few steps to regulate it and then encounters fixing it initially.

  1. First, download the compiled list of all inbound links associated with your website via the webmaster tool.
  2. Identify the unnatural links in the list. It will help you identify dubious links to avoid the penalty. Start with the most links referring to your website using a third-party tool.
  3. Now you can contact the Webmaster and request to remove those domain links or add the rel= “nofollow” tag in “txt.”
  4. Google approves your website once you take measures to remove the unnatural links. Once you successfully remove all identified unnatural links violating Google instructions, you will have the manual action withdrawn. Disavow Links Tool specifically help you delete the links that are still vulnerable to not getting removed.
  5. Usually, you have to make a couple of reconsideration requests to lift the penalty imposed on your website recovery. Before trying the disavow tool, it demands a consistent approach to contacting webmasters for link elimination.
Unnatural Link Building Scheme
Unnatural Link Building Scheme

Unnatural Link Building Scheme

Link building scheme pointing to your website should be contextual that require clear instructions if it is still ambiguous. It can result from your deliberate effort or may appear for unknown reasons without your discretion. Google considers oblivious effort whenever you face manual action. It will reprimand the affected part of the website.

How To Fix Link Building Scheme Warning

Identify the problematic links first, and try your best to eliminate them. If you don’t have control over the links referring to your website, then no action is incumbent from your side, and from Google outlook, such links won’t contribute to ranking your website.

Every step you must depict reveals your intention to clean your website with a reconsideration request. You should present proof of any process when you make a reconsideration request to Google for revoking the manual warning. You can send a screenshot of the Webmaster’s email indicating unnatural links to your website for a link removal request. If your intention shows your commitment to reprimand your penalty, it is worth noting to straighten.

Final Thought

In concluding our discourse, the point of consideration throughout the article is to discover the difference between each warning type. For your consideration, outbound links are easier to fix being under your control than others. Because resolving the subsequent two warnings takes your careful endeavor to fix it from your side. As you learn it well, reacting acute is not tricky.

Despite stringent policy from Google on giving access to additional information to its users, webmaster tools frequently analyze the website and inform how to optimize it efficiently. Therefore, it is incumbent upon its user to thoroughly comprehend and resolve it. Encounter it accordingly.


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