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Take your control of the PPC automation – Three useful ways to consider

October 23, 2019

Machines yield better results than people! Such provocative statements evoke a sense of drama and intrigue. But if you delve into the SEO domain, you will find many SEO professionals conclude this about PPC. Indeed, specific functions get better executed than people. And the best minds associated with Facebook, Amazon, Bing, and Google are involved in a challenging fight to generate automation that saves time for taking off the burden from the PPC pros.

Are you wondering about reality? As a search engine giant automates more, the value of a well-designed PPC increases. In the past few years, several SEO experts have come up with automation standards and incorporated it entirely with Google automation. The objective was to enable advertisers to accomplish two things effectively:

  • Allowing advertisers to generate their automation rules. It is an easy way to attain what you wanted earlier, with many scripts.
  • They are allowing the PPC experts to regain control when the search engines come up with increased automation layering.

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However, the truth is that the majority of marketers aren’t able to write codes. It is thus challenging for them to develop systems that automate working with search engine algorithms. There are SEO experts and agencies that offer a structure to advertisers for creating their set of rules, scripts, and alerts without writing any code. The three smart ways to use include:

  1. Ensure that your PPC strategy gets executed correctly

The PPC pros can consider themselves as experts and Google automation as the solution. The expert here needs to check the problems and come up with a smart solution.

Similarly, in PPC, human experts try to understand the objective of the advertiser and select the automation and tools that help to attain the desired result. Choosing the correct tools is challenging! For instance, the advertisers might think of testing the automated bidding, which Google terms as Smart Bidding. However, they might, on the other hand, forget to pay attention to a few crucial factors, such as updating to an advanced attribution model.

And when an advertiser automates the bid using an outmoded attribution model, the results will take a beating. The truth is that search engine automation is beneficial. It can only do one thing correctly. It is essential to note that automated bidding doesn’t use these models smartly. And the advertisers will find crucial keywords, which marks the initial stage of a customer journey having low bids. It might reduce the overall sales after the automating bids. It is something that both PPC and SEO experts need to address.

  1. Manage the automation from search engines

Once all the correct automation and tools get implemented, the PPC expert’s accountability shifts. The PPC expert should ensure that the systems work accurately and that everything is on course. The PPC professional should manage automation. As the automated bidding might help to predict few conversions, but it’s not an expert at flagging unwarranted factors. Hence, automated bidding will minimize the CPCs, the moment it recognizes a reduction in conversion rate. However, it will not do anything to inform the advertiser about any anomalies that occur in the conversion rates.

Additionally, it won’t even unlock the cause that created the anomaly as well. Here you need to join hands with expert PPC and SEO service providers. There are specialist agencies that can help you with monitoring the underlying causes by offering tools that you can layer over the search engine’s PPC automation.

  1. Educate the engines to utilize business data better

It is the last role a person will play in the domain of PPC with automation generating everywhere. The purpose is that of a teacher. It is crucial to know and remember that automation gets driven by advances in machine learning. Hence, PPC experts need to make use of their automation and tools to place over the engine activities.

An easy way out is to bid by the weather! For instance, if you have a ski resort business, you will have the old ski-lift sales data. It might include the total percentage of lift passes that you sell in good weather versus unfavorable weather. There is a possibility that Google doesn’t take this data into account when the automation determines the users whom you need to show ads as the amount to bid. Hence, it is indeed sensible for the advertiser to help the Google system offer improved outcomes by teaching it to carry out something different based on the climate.

Today, advertisers have the chance to use smart bidding through Google! It helps to unlock various but crucial patterns, when the users are situated in multiple locations, using various devices. However, they can take complete control by changing the targets that these systems work on.

To explain simply, if the advertiser anticipates the conversion rates to double than the usual rate, they might create a target CPS, which is double than the normal. The trick here is this – Advertisers don’t change the target in any way. Instead, they are merely adjusting or managing the section of an equation which they can manage and control for attaining similar targets as usual. Hence, as the conversion rates increase and the bids go high because of the maximized CPA target, the useful CPA will stay the same. However, the advertiser would be happy to generate increased conversions, because of an expanded position in the page.

Today, both SEO and PPC agencies provide tools for enhancing automation from Google. They also offer smart tactics to use these tools with external data, as well. Automation layering offers a robust solution as the PPC experts navigate and work more with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Instead of making PPC obsolete, it helps to make PPC more effective and useful for business brands. Using the ways mentioned above, you can leverage the benefits of PPC effectively.


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