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Simplest Ways to Ask Bloggers for Backlinks and Reviews in 2021

April 11, 2021

Exploring to know the easiest ways to ask bloggers for backlinks and reviews? Before learning how to request a backlink from someone else, it’s essential to understand what a backlink is.

When you have a kickass blog, you want others to link to your content. This is where backlinks come in. A backlink is created when a website links to another website. They are often termed inbound links or incoming links. 

Building backlinks is more than just providing visitants new ways to discover your business. Backlinks are indicators to search engines that you are a trustworthy source so that they can impact your SEO ranking for the better.

seo blogger backlinks
seo blogger backlinks

Why Outreach for Backlinks Is a Great Technique

While it would be great to sit back in your chair with a cup of coffee and watch the backlinks build up, that’s – unfortunately – not how it works.

Most backlink building efforts are best made through outreach. Outreach is a way of contacting other websites to ask them to hold a link to your site on a piece of content. Email is typically the most common method used to contact other companies.

With outreach, you not only have a little more control over who is linking to your website, but you also can expedite the manner of attaining these backlinks.

Rather than waiting for people to find your excellent content, you can actively share it with other industry professionals and show them how it can provide value to their audience (while also potentially increasing your audience’s size).

best backlinks
best backlinks

How to Ask Bloggers for Backlinks?

Offer Something in Return

By offering any blogger a collaboration, you’re concluding a business deal. And in any business deal, there should be an equivalent profit for both parties. And if you want to advertise your product by having a blogger write a review on it, you should ask for a backlink and provide the product itself if you’re going to get a comprehensive review in return.

It has become a natural rule among the companies to send the bloggers their products to get them reviewed and advertised.

Offer Bonuses If Collaboration is Profitable

Hiring influencers for product promotion is very helpful as they always try to do it in the most creative way possible. And if you see that your collaboration gives excellent results and product sale ranks are rising, provide the influences and their audience with bonuses to attract even more attention.

MeUndies has collaborated with popular YouTubers Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita to help them promote their underwear. Marbles and Solomita often sell their products during their podcast, which has 562,000 followers. The collaboration has been so fruitful that now their audience is offered a special 20% discount on their first orders.

This is the right approach of giving bonuses to both bloggers and influencers. By doing this, you’re expressing your appreciation for the great work they’re doing for you and your business.

Don’t Be Spammy

There’s no wonder why spam is so annoying. For simple users, receiving much spam on their mail is like having thousands of salesmen coming and knocking at their door and promoting unnecessary products.

The same is with the influencers. They think working only with serious companies because bad collaborations can harm their image and cost them all their followers. And that’s why they rarely review the offers from the companies that litter their incoming boxes with spam.

If you want to respond from a blogger, write one extensive email describing your products and services and give all the necessary links.

Make Your Emails Personable

If you’re willing to work with a blogger, try to emphasize why working with them is special for you and them. You’re making a business relationship that should be beneficial both for you and for them, but it shouldn’t look like all other business deals that you’ve had.

Remember, you’re working with creators, who will review and promote your product in their own creative and innovative way. So when addressing a blogger in your email, indicate why collaboration with this blogger will make your product even better. Personalization goes a long way, and this rule should be applied to your work with influencers if you want to get something truly unique and creative instead.

Cultivate Your Successful Relations

If you want to take advantage of influencer marketing, it’s essential to treat influencers like business partners. After all, you’re utilizing them as a channel of advertising your product or service, as you would use any other way of advertising.

Influencers shouldn’t be deprived of any rights just because they’re independent authors. Their followers highly respect them, and it can be a massive advantage for you as an entrepreneur.


How do I contact a blogger?

The most convenient and safe way of chatting with a blogger is to leave a comment on their blog posts. Try to keep any contact in the initial stages of conversation relevant to their blog-, if they have decided to create a blog about a particular topic, they enjoy talking about it.

How do I get Edu backlinks?

One of the best strategies you can use to gain some quality Edu backlinks is to start locally. If the site you are building links to is a local business, start by targeting some local schools and universities. Look for sites that contain something like Local Resources or Local Businesses and ask that you be included.

How do you approach blogs for collaborations?

For blogs, it’s to get more high-quality content to post to keep readers coming back. So, if your business is clothes, look for fashion websites to collaborate with, not tech blogs. If you’re a tech company, don’t attempt a collab with a home and garden blog.

Are Backlinks still important in 2021?

Backlinks to your website can earn traffic, increase credibility, and help your brand rank higher on search engines. That’s why it is vital to link building a part of your SEO plan.

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