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Sales Tracking Software: Top 7 CRM Tools Of 2022

October 08, 2022

Sales tracking software is a type of software tool that helps agencies track their sales reports quickly. It helps in many aspects, like reading the buyer’s mind, giving you suggestions on what your buyer wants, detecting problems within the correct time before it gets bigger, and concluding everything together to guide you that what products perform well. Sales tracking software tells you what business techniques you applied to your business execute well and which don’t.

There are dozens of tools in the market giving sales tracking and SEO optimization services, but we will explain the most well-known ones and the qualities that help them achieve that top rank in 2022.

Important Things Need to Know Before Buying Sales Tracking Software

There are some points you need to put an eye on. Choose software with more tracking options because the analytic reports that pass through different tracking mechanisms give you the best results regarding your sales. However, it’ll guide you that what measures will be effective for you in the future. Before buying the software, check the features below to see if they performed fine in the software.

Conversions: The conversion rate is when you divide the number of conversions by the number of total ad interactions. Software should need to give accurate reports regarding conversions rate. The conversion rate helps you tell the right path to spend on leads management or focus on other sales characteristics.

Leads: Generating leads means entering traffic to your platform, like generating it through email marketing, paid Facebook to generate leads on your website, etc. The accurate lead results help you analyze what time you need to spend on leads. A little investment in lead marketing gives you tremendous mind-boggling results in sales.

Top 7 Renowned Sales Tracking Software

Top 7 Renowned Sales Tracking Software
Top 7 Renowned Sales Tracking Software

According to our assumptions and after a lot of research, we here come up with the top 7 sales tracking software of all time. However, every software differs in many aspects because everyone has a different ability to provide quality. But we’ll disclose here software that we hunt which might satisfy your demands.

1.     Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a well-known giant in the market mostly used for HR project management. However, it’s the best source to track your daily expense chart. This way, you can easily analyze which of your campaigns is performing great or which is not.

Bitrex24 has many tools that help in conversion rates. We can see how people on Bittrex are performing regarding conversion rates. Furthermore, you can do some extra with Bitrex, such as SMS marketing & call transcription, a lot of new integration, custom themes & menus.

You can do live video calls and chats and get connected with your team every time. It’s a free tool, so that’s your bonus point. You might wonder where this software fulfills its money requirement if it’s free. The earning source of Bitrex24 is that it has a built-in telephony service where you can order more than 5GB of document storage. However, Bitrex24 might be the best option to go through if you’re looking to track your sales.

2.     Pipedrive

Pipedrive is in 2nd number because of its unique feature called “deal rotting.” This feature informs about the important meetings and opportunities held in the team’s absence so that a team can spot problems regarding deals and improve them before losing the opportunity.

The dashboard of Pipedrive includes several indicators that spot the best performing actor in your team and detect one who needs to improve its performance. The sales mentor feature of Pipedrive is the AI-based system that guides us to take the necessary steps to boost our sales.

Vimal Bharadwaj, associates with Automate.io, says that the customizable report feature of Pipedrive helps us to learn our customers’ mindsets by giving so much variety in data inputs.

3.     Keap

This customer management relationship tool helps collect leads and convert them to clients. Keap (sales tracking software) is for both small businesses and big businesses. It collects all the contact information and email address without forcing you to put any effort.

It automatically generates follow-up emails on your behalf. Keap is good with both businesses and has the capability to combine its features to provide a better experience. It alerts you time by time about your email marketing and revenue reports. Keap can accumulate your customer contact information in one place.

Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it even more reliable and convenient for customers. Coating keap officials that keap is now integrated with Zapier, and a particular can use both the Zapier and keap simultaneously through the keap app. Zapier is a product that automates your workflow and connects concurrently with multiple platforms.

4.     HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a cloud-based contact management platform that integrates with other applications like sales and marketing pro. The cool thing about HubSpot CRM is its sales statistics chart which is displayed on the platform in a way that even a person unfamiliar with CRM can understand the chart.

It categorized works in different colors, easily recognizable in the sales pipeline. However, you can easily detect every work performance. On the other hand, the marketing mechanism of HubSpot CRM helps accumulate your marketing campaigns and boost your leads provided to the sales team.

5.     Zoho CRM

With Sales tracking software Zoho, you can create customized funnels, target meters, and charts. Zoho CRM can automate your workflow so you can spend more time on other sales data. This lead management software processes the overall data and generates reports which help you in different aspects, and you can share the report with anyone.

With Zoho CRM, you can easily know about every sales performance in one place, from closing the deal to lead generation. However, there is a gamification feature in Zoho that the sales managersuse to convert boring tasks into creative ones and fulfill the daily sales target. Zoho CRM has many more features inside it. That’s why going with this CRM software will be the smart play.

6.     NetSuite CRM

This innovative CRM has a unique feature called sales force automation which makes it inimitable from others. What this feature does is that it activates all the sales-boosting capabilities in a single go and helps generate more sales.

In simple words, SFA is a tool that integrates technology with information to automate the sales task of both sales persons and sales managers by coordinating the internal process with the backend data system.

SFA is such a feature that maintains the image of NetSuite among other CRM competitors’ software companies. It also has marketing campaign management, which you can use to create and modify marketing campaigns. This can also be done fully with partner management and sales forecasting capabilities.

7.     Insightly

The more appealing dashboard means more easily you can perform a task. Insightly has a customizable dashboard that shows data in a visual format so one can easily watch sales activities, sales process, sales team, lead tracking, sales data, sales reporting, and managing leads in the sales pipeline. Instead, Insightly has a business intelligence feature that allows you to create data visualization on your own.

Insightly has a list of other features that helps you collect information about your customer that what your customer demands, and measures you need to take to fulfill the requirement of a purchaser.

In Short About Select Sales Tracking Software That Suits You

At last, we’ll conclude that it’s up to you what platform suits your goal. Every company competes in the market to provide the user with a thing that eases the customer’s query. Checking and balancing your corporate sales record if you have a business is crucial.

Every CRM has its unique capability and can be good in different characteristics. Determine which feature you want to use the most and buy software that has good reviews related to the feature you’ve chosen. In my opinion, give every software a try and analyze it on your own that which suits you the most.


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