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Most Powerful SEO Link Building Ideas for Taking a Boost

August 24, 2021

When you look for the most powerful SEO link building advice, you normally get a large list of tired old methods that everyone already knows. It’s simple to guess that you can use Google “Keyword + Write for Us” or view high-ranking sites in your target niche and scrape their backlinks. What you require is a list of inventive suggestions that you’ve not tried before.

Having been involved in building backlinks and running a link-building service from the UK since 2008, I know the techniques that few ever put on generic lists.

So jump in, and I’ll share some of the innovative approaches we use to discover the best link-building opportunities and then work to secure those high-quality links. These tips fall into three areas:

  • Finding the suitable sites to earn links from (with recs for specific tools we love)
  • Outreach and communication
  • Making the most of your in-content links
Seo Link Building Service
Seo Link Building Service

SEO Link building strategies: finding the suitable sites 

Look beyond your competitors for opportunities 

Several link builders suggest that you check out your opponent’s backlinks for inspiration, but have you thought of checking out the sites’ backlink profiles that link to them?

Go down the rabbit hole! Examine out the backlink profiles of the websites that link to your rivals, then check the backlink profiles of the sites that link to them, and so on.

Some best tools for this are Ahrefs, Moz Link Explorer, and Majestic SEO. It might reflect convoluted, but you’ll pat into a supply of new website options to explore if you use this method.

Dig deep into Ahrefs’ link building tools

Ahrefs is a useful bit of kit for link creating, and there are loads of different methods to create the most of it.

The answer has several applications that can help you to get high-quality backlink opportunities. It also offers lots of filters so that you can find suitable sites for your backlink profile.

For beginners, you can utilize the Keyword Explorer tool to get associated keywords that other high-ranking pages in your niche incorporate into their content.

These keywords can notify every stage of your method; if you don’t get much joy with your chief keywords or exhaust all of the options, you can use associated keywords to find more sites.

You can then set your new keywords into Ahrefs’ Content Explorer to locate pages that discuss your preferred topic and rank well for the keywords you’re targeting.

Then, you can utilize the Link Intersect application to identify websites that link to your fresh targets but don’t link to your site – yet!

Lastly, one of the most inventive ways to use Ahrefs as one of your link-building approaches is to check out the Site Explorer to see growing pages. Through the “Top content” section, you can view the pages on each target URL or rival’s site growing the fastest.

You can then target the sites that are linking to them and see if you can emulate their approach. For example, if your competitor is driving a lot of traffic to a new press release or announcement, you could incorporate this approach into your digital marketing strategy.

Review your organic competitors

SEMrush is a different versatile application that we love using to find link-building opportunities. With dozens of useful applications and analytics to offer, there are masses of ways you can use SEMrush in link buy prednisone 1 mg building.

One best method to start is to find your organic competitors and then explore their backlinks. You could even examine reaching out to them if you’re in a “sharing is caring” variety of markets!

To discover your primary rivals, you can put your site into the “Domain Overview” segment, then check out the Organic Research insights that the tool can offer. The tool will give you many remarkable insights into your organic rankings, including your main organic competitors.

You can then export this file as a CSV and operate through the sites, assessing linking domains and other insights.

Never rely on one metric alone

There are amounts of SEO metrics out there—it looks like almost every tool on the market has at least one! Each metric describes something different, whether it’s the whole number of backlinks or content features.

When creating backlinks, you require to consider a range of metrics, including traffic. It would be great to see for a metric that focuses on how to fit a page is to rank on top SERPs, such as Moz’s Domain Authority. You could also view a metric that focuses on the character of the sites linking to your selected domain, such as Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow.

These businesses don’t tell us precisely how they calculate their scores, or else we could follow them. So you require to be objective and use a mixture of metrics to assess sites. If you focus on one single metric without totally understanding it, then you could miss out on important link-building moments.

Think like a visitor

In extension to metrics, you also require to consider the human approach with your link-building approaches.

Before committing to a site as a link-building target, make sure you look at it as a website visitor. Open the site and see if it seems like a natural person is connected to it.

Does the site have a social media presence? Is the content readable? Do they use universal stock images or individual pictures?

If you believe the site seems like a PBN (private blog network), then the chances are that it is one. Readers and search algorithms will mark, too, so bypass it at any cost.

Link building strategies for outreach

Watch Facebook’s “About” section to get email addresses

Finding email addresses can be challenging, and everyone knows that contact forms aren’t the best when you’re trying to chase link-building opportunities.

So, how can you get email addresses when they’re not on the contact page? While tools like Hunter.io can help, there are more accessible and sometimes quicker ways, especially if you don’t have a pro plan and run out of free checks!

Often, companies have an email address posted on their Facebook page’s about section. You don’t even require to be signed in to Facebook to access this—most business pages are visible to everyone!

Don’t be afraid to follow up

It’s not nagging if it’s for a great cause. Never be scared to send follow-up emails to your point websites.

Often, my team and I find that follow-up emails get the highest response rate! They might’ve dropped your first email or forgotten it, but a follow-up is tougher to ignore.

As a rule, we normally follow up two or three times. If there’s no response after that, it usually means they either hate you or the email isn’t in regular use.

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