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Link Trackers [Features, Pricing Plan, Pros & Cons]

In the digital marketing world, a website owner must determine which marketing campaign is the most operative for their corporate. Fortunately, link trackers help the owner of a site, and digital marketers have the influence to optimize and manage their digital movements.

This blog helps you identify your goal to select the best link tracker and its features, pricing plan pros, and cons.

What is Link Tracking?

A tracking link is a typical link or URL that actually includes tags for the end user to measure the marketing efficiency of a channel, campaigns, and activities.

In simple words, a person presenting an event wants to see the most useful way to sponsor the event. So that person will make a tracking link for every marketing movement like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to sponsor. And make another tracking link for an email about the event.

Moreover, when a user points the traffic on their website from an outside link like social media, banner ads, email, PPC campaigns, and more. The link tracker is used to show the channel a sightseer comes from, the campaign of the content was part of, and the type of content they connect through from.

For example, I demonstrate a link or URL clicked through from Facebook via an organic post from our site. https://www.facebook.com/VFMSEOServices

Google analytics drag these details, and then you can see specific details about your site’s traffic sources and expeditions.

Uses of Link Trackers

A site owner can use the URL or link tracker to decide whether this marketing activity is more operative and moneymaking.

  • To know which traffic is attainment your website from search.
  • Track blog posts to determine which social media marketing pages generate the most traffic.
  • Trail online ads to see how significant traffic they produce.
  • See the click-through rates of an email marketing
  • If the site sponsors a press release or a podcast, the link tracker also confirms how much traffic this activity produces.
  • Another use of URL trackers is attaching a digital code to a link.
  • Correspondingly tracks page views, new visitors, clicks, and conversions.

7 Best Link Trackers (Paid & Free Plan)

1.    ClickMeter: Best Link Trackers 

This tool originated in 2012, and now it is pretty popular and used by a million plus business and social marketing sites like Henkel, L’Oreal, Payoneer, and iStockphoto.

However, this tool helps track your site traffic, stay at the top of the links, and progress the change duties.

Key Features

  • Optimize & Manage Links: ClickMeter tool, a website owner, tracks the measurement system like click views, optimizing link adaptations, displaying broken URLs, and improving their links.
  • Visitor Report: Give detailed reports of your website, like where visitors come from, how long they stay, and what they do on your site.
  • Display Location: Correspondingly, it can track the visitor’s location and help the site owner set goals based on their visitor’s geographical area.
  • Share links: This tool also allows them to show and share their link results at that time.


ClickMeter means bidding three money-back guarantees for each package.

  • Medium: This is a 30-day set cost of 29 U.S Dollars.
  • Large: This package is about 99 U.S Dollars a month.
  • X-Large: It is a monthly package that costs 349 U.S Dollars.

Pros & Cons of ClickMeter

Pros Cons
Price is reasonable, and money-back security for every plan Only support web-based browsers
Generates real-time data Occasionally a glitch is reported in the data
The data can transfer to another tool and system —-

2.    Bit.Ly: Link Shortening Tool

In 2009 Bit.ly was launched. Nowadays, many websites and brands worldwide use this paid free plan tool, like Disney, BuzzFeed, ESPN, and The New York Times. Moreover, creating short links typically for private use, not for business, is of utmost widespread.

In addition, it is very multipurpose than other link trackers. However, it allows you to track and analyze the links and traffic in real-time.

Features of Link Tracker Bit.ly

  • Track journey: This tool allows you to track the viewer’s journey on your site on every network.
  • Branded Links: Conveniently generate the branded links to include your field room from branding.
  • Analyze site Production: Also, they can access business solutions and amalgamation to grow the lift up and productivity of the plan.
  • Share Links: This tool also collects and shares real-time statistics that help a site owner to know the visitors much better, which helps to create more appropriate content for upcoming projects.
  • QR Codes: This tool uses complete Google analytics of link tracking metrics, including QR codes, location, link performance, transfer details, and more.


Bitly has annual and monthly billing with customizable resolutions, which is very supple for a site possessor.

  • Monthly – Four Pricing Plans

Free$0 – Basic $35 – Premium $300 – Enterprise (Get a Quote)

  • Annually – Four Plans

Free$0 – Basic $29 – Premium $199 – Custom (Get a Quote)

Some Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Brandedlink shortening Once the link is created, it can’t control
Offers free versions Distress to pay the bill amount
Alter URLs Some of the social media servers did not admit

3.    Best for Affiliate Marketing: ClickMagick

This tool originated in 2014 and is now in the top three on the list of link trackers. Moreover, ClickMagick is an inexpensive all-around tracker with exceptional support terms and services.

The in-built structures in this click tracker use to optimize and trail the links from ad tracking and social media.


  • Remove Fake Bots:ClickMagick robotically screens and then filters fake bots that are ruining your click tracking.
  • Recover Sales Funnel: It also improves the sales funnels with the help of first-party cookies and industry-standard UTM parameters.
  • Track Visitors: This tool has a unique traffic scoring system and tracks visitors across multiple devices.
  • Split Test: Another feature is that it automatically makes a split test for your links and gets email alerts when there is a winner.
  • Remove fake Traffic: This tool guarantees your website traffic source is genuine and helps to dodge click fraud.
  • Click Rotators: As well as produce highly innovative click spinners to adjust and fluctuate the clicks to different URLs.
  • Conversion Data: It shows the actual conversion data to social media so they will have more precise data.

Price Package

ClickMagick has three pricing plans that are pretty cheaper than other link tracker tools.

  • Starter: $37/month – Standard:  $67 for 30 days – Pro: $97/month

In addition, there is also a free trial of 14 days which will help a user to get tracking software, click tracking, and affiliate link tools.

Pros & Cons





A month of the free trial is available on every account Only available for credit card users
Unlimited custom domains A user can’t share link
Trail and adjust sales funnels

4.    Voluum

It is a cloud computing tracker that provides link tracking aptitudes to bloggers, affiliate marketers, and marketing agencies with its streamlined (API) = Application Programming Interface. It allows its users to progress information in real time and speedily.

Moreover, this tool delivers to investigate and manage all of the link-building ads and affiliate marketing campaigns. This tool is used by many popular sites like Dreamin, Alugha, Affmore, and many more.


  • Get Notifications: Using this tool, a user receives notifications (mobile and web browser) when there is a swift performance change.
  • A/B Split Test: It discovers which campaign works and which is not progressing and manages the campaign’s way robotically.
  • Regulate Fake Traffic: Bot traffic is not good for online marketing. The Voluum tool can wedge click fraud to prevent unwanted website traffic.
  • Monitor Traffic Distribution: AI feature helps a marketer to adjust bulks of way, campaign funnel, custom conversion, and reporting API.

Pros And Cons – Voluum

Pros Cons
Direct tracking pixels The pricing package is very high
Protect the data of the user Don’t support the desktop device
Optimize the ad performance


The price package of voluum has various benefits but is more expensive than the other URL or link trackers. However, there is a range of specifications for a business that provides monthly and yearly plans. You can go on the website where easily you’ll get the pricing plan.

5.    TinyURL – URL Shortener

As its name indicates, this tool helps create shorter URLs or links. However, it is a free tracking tool, so whenever you want to share a link on social media or any other platform, you want it to be as shorter and hastily as possible. Moreover, you can add this tool to your web browser’s toolbar to use it anytime.

Key Features

  • Branded Links: Using this utensil, a user can make custom and branded short URLs.
  • Fast Service: it also creates tracking links or URLs easily and in a short period.
  • Create Link in Web: It allows you to produce links in emails and your desktop or web browser.
  • Never Expire Links: The URLs produced in this tool will never decease.

Package Plan

TinyURL has a yearly and monthly package with more terms to choose from that meets your need. However, the monthly plan can switch to the annual package; other link trackers are not offered. But unfortunately, the yearly package is not switching.

  • Monthly Plan

Free $00 $ – Pro 12.99 $ – Bulk$129 $

  • Yearly Plan

Free 00 $ – Pro 9.99$ – Bulk $99 $

TinyURL: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A user can share the link Can’t update the same link
Shortening the link or URL Free trial not available

6.    RedTrack.io. – Link Tracking Software

If a user is most dependable on social media (Facebook), this is a good choice for them. However, it originated in 2017 and mostly concentrates on media purchasers to help with advanced technology—many websites like YNOT MEDIA, MOBFOLIO, ADAVICE, and much more use this tool.


  • Customize Conversion: the user can see signups turn into transactions using this app.
  • A/B Split Test: it can also choose the winning campaigns, which deliver results and which will not.
  • Tracking Pixels: Users can easily accumulate the data from direct or indirect visits, which helps to place the ads campaigns with no transmits on Facebook.
  • Affiliate Managing: also offers to manage custom domains, transaction tracking, and conversion tracking.
  • Landing Pages Managing: provide landing page protection, lander tags, and lander bolt amalgamation for the good link.


RedTrack.io. It offers two weeks of the free trial plan, which other link trackers do not offer. Then the pricing packages start in annual and monthly terms, so choose anyone that suits your necessities.

  • Monthly Subscription

Advance $149 – Team $249 – Enterprise $749 – Custom (Additional Requirements)

  • Yearly Subscription

Advance $124 – Team = $208 – Enterprise $624 – Custom(Additional Requirements)

7.    Rebrandly: Best for Branded Links

It is easy to use tool that can track, shorten and customize the link. Many identified brands, such as Opera, Fiverr,Yale, PayPal, Volvo, and others, use this tool as a tracker. However, this tool is one of the limited link trackers that bids custom domains in the free package plan.


  • Custom Domain: This utensil creates and manages the custom domain links.
  • Display Traffic: A user can direct the traffic base on an amalgamation of websites like Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Account Managing: The tool analytics the reports that help a user to manage and significance the device and web browser.
  • QR Codes: A user also gets the performance and link tracking metrics.

Pros & Cons

          Pros Cons
Redirect the Branded links A free trial is not available
Improve short domains API integration for various domains is existing
Good customer support

Amount Plan

Rebrandly offers five pricing plans to select for link tracking. Locate the picture to understand the pricing package.


Wrapping Up: Which Link Trackers are the Best?

Our team recommends the best link tracker that is appropriate to your requirements.

I hope you appreciate this post and recognize what you prefer to make money for. So, let me know which link trackers you select in the comment box.


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