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Drive Sales with Top 6 Lead Tracking Software In 2022

October 06, 2022

What is lead tracking software? Before getting into this question, I would like to describe a little bit about what leads actually are. Lead is basically a collection of the process that tells you from which activity you got the utmost response in your business.

However, if we’re talking about lead tracking, it means tracking a particular lead and which source brought the most lead in sales. However, we consider it a hot lead when a person directly comes to buy, so we collect every information of that customer from which source he came towards us. Sources of leads include YouTube ads, Instagram & Facebook marketing SEO, etc.

There are Software companies out there that play a vital role in easing our daily routine work by giving multiple opportunities in one form, including lead tracking. However, some software can be used for both small and big businesses. We have created a list of 10 tremendous software that helps you track leads. Moreover, we’ll disclose some extra information about leads management & tracking.

Why Should I Go For Lead Tracking Software?

Using these sorts of software to boost your business in the current high time is crucial, and everyone is competing in the race. This sort of CRMs software helps in many aspects and facilitates our work or even shortens our daily hectic burden tasks.

Now, why should you go for the lead tracking process? Let’s take an example of you generating sales in your business but not knowing which source these sales are coming from. Then how can you analyze & makes strategies for your future sales without having a check on your previous sales – However, lead tracking helps you in this scenario. However, assuming CRM as a lead tracking software might not be incorrect.

Beyond that, it delivers every detail about where the customer comes from, so you can focus on the target customer more. Moreover, with CRMs, you can communicate with your team to make your work even faster and more progressive and spend more time on policy making.

What Important Feature Does Lead Management Software Contain?

A lot is happening inside the lead management software because it connects all its functions and ends up with an authentic report. However, functions that are activated in the CRMs during the process have dissimilar duties, so we here disclose the performance of each activity.

1.     CRM customizable dashboards

The dashboard shows the entirety of your business on a single screen means it’ll concurrently show the data of every function on the same page. You can check on your team’s performance and your customer timings which time the customer enters and leaves the platform simultaneously. However, it shows the chart of your campaign’s progress, which is performing well and which doesn’t. So you can immediately close the leads that are not performing great.

2.     Activity tracking & integration

An activity tracking tool helps track the overall activity in the CRM like it tracks the customer engagement when it passes through the sales funnel. This data in-depth guides you about the customer so you can provide further luxury to them.

On the other hand, integrations help you in connecting your Lead tracking software to different business apps. There is one that is well known in the market called Zapier. Additionally, there are extra useful features inside CRM, such as a power dialer, pipeline automation, and contact management software.

3.     Report analytics & communication tools

With the analytic reports, one can determine where he lacks by looking at the broad view of customer interests. However, your manager can see the whole report data in real-time and devise a solution to fix it on the point.

Communication tools facilitate in sharing of data reports and team interactions with each other through chat and call. With communication tools, team members collaborate on many tasks and explore more opportunities for the business.

6 Best Performing Lead Tracking Software Of 2022

6 Best Performing Lead Tracking Software
6 Best Performing Lead Tracking Software


After effortless research, we finally found out which software performs well with lead tracking mechanics. However, every software is great in its capabilities, but we detect which aspects suit you the most.

CRM software is incomplete without lead tracking, although on behalf of CRM, a bunch of other software was executing the job just regarding lead tracking. However, it doesn’t surprise people if we consider CRM as the lead tracking software. The software names and their features are as follows.

1.     Keap

Keap is the CRM lead tracking software that helps maintain a powerful customer &firm bonding relationship. However, it automates your selling process and drives conversion rates to your firm so you can further look for other aspects of your business.

Keap has 2 pricing modules, Pro & max. The Pro package comes up with a $129 monthly subscription. However, the “Max package” monthly subscription is $199. Moreover, you can’t avail promo codes & upsells and the marketing analytics feature with the pro version. But the Max version provides all the features. Features that Keap provides us are.

  • Sales automation
  • Manage leads
  • Text marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Appointments
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sales pipeline & analysis
  • Automated lead capture
  • Segmentation

2.     HubSpot CRM

With HubSpot’s unique dashboard, one can track customer records and contact information in the pipeline feature to provide convenience and luxury to their customers. HubSpot is a quite well-known CRM in the market. However, the sales hub feature lets you track potential real-time customer leads and email exchanges.

HubSpot has 3 monthly subscription plans starter($45 monthly), professional($800 monthly), and enterprise($3600 monthly). However, HubSpot facilitates us with some cool features mentioned down below

  • Campaign reporting
  • Email & form automation
  • Email marketing & landing pages
  • Meeting Scheduling & live chat
  • Website traffic analytics & list segmentation
  • Filter analytics & social media
  • ABM tools & automation

3.     Act-On

Act on is a marketing automation software. It’s a powerful software that lets new visitors be your customer. However, its website tracking capability makes it even more protuberant, which tracks valuable customers’ activities on your website.

Moreover, Act-On comes up with 2 pricing structures where you need to pay $900 for a professional package monthly. On the other hand, you can design your package on demand by telling the company. The feature you can get from Act-On is as follows.

  • Analytic & reporting dashboard
  • Automated workflow
  • Collecting contact lists on behavior and demographics
  • Track website visitors
  • Track landing page visitors
  • Lead scores
  • Marketing segmentation

4.     Zoho CRM

Zoho can be used for both small & big professional businesses as it gives 360-degree space to everyone. It’s a user-friendly and smooth workspace where you can easily tackle complicated tasks without hassle. You can create multiple sales pipelines. However, it can integrate with up to 500 different platforms. Furthermore, the communication assistant of AI handles your client conversation on your behalf.

Zoho comes with 4 monthly subscription packages standard ($14), professional ($23), enterprise ($40), and ultimate ($52), and has multiple features.

  • Social media & google ads integration
  • Advance customization
  • Sales indications
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple pipelines and scoring rules

5.     Salesforce (Lead tracking software)

Salesforce is the most enjoyable CRM software on the list. The Salesforce prospecting tools funnel leads to the client. Reporting and analytics allow sales reps and managers to stay keen on the performance results as well as current progress.

However, the customization feature will allow organizations and individuals to tailor their experience. Some people find salesforce setup quite cumbersome. Nevertheless, salesforce has been acknowledged to have semi-frequent integration.

In terms of pricing, salesforce is a bit pricy. However, you can contact them and custom-design your Salesforce CRM package. Apart from that, salesforce is great for emerging businesses.

6.     Pipedrive

Pipedrive is affordable compared to other big whales in the market. Users love the automation that makes keeping up with customers easy. Onboarding training and getting the most out of Pipedrive are intuitive, and businesses benefit from the easy API that allows custom integration.

However, a complaint by many that the reporting is limited, which will be a major drawback in CRM terms because large firms rely on daily report analytics. That’s why Pipedrive will be an awesome option to avail for small businesses

Pipedrive has 4 pricing plans essential ($9.90), advanced ($19.90), professional ($39.90), enterprise ($59.90), and feature is pretty much the same as compared to other software.

Can I Track Facebook Lead Ads On My CRM

Yes, you can. All you need to do is integrate your Facebook lead ads with your CRM software. You need to be a Facebook page admin before integration. However, connecting your Facebook page to your CRM for tracking Facebook lead ads is mandatory. Follow the integration procedure underneath.

  • Open your Facebook page
  • In the settings option, select publishing tools from the upper left
  • Click on leads setup and type your CRM software name in the leads setup section. You might see two possibilities in the connecting process. Either connect through a website link or the Zapier app.

Final Verdict

Lead tracking & management software are mostly responsible for driving sales to the business. Currently, in the modern era, we have software available in the face of CRMs that fasten our work in different facets. Lead tracking means capturing the history of a customer’s activity and determining from which lead source he reaches our product.


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