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Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Blog Posts to Optimize Your Content

January 29, 2022

In this article, you will learn keyword research for WordPress blog posts, and you will also write unique content on WordPress for your wonderful clients. Keyword research is helpful for finding unique content ideas that will help you grow traffic, make it extremely engaging & optimize content for the readable user.

When you write a churning article, you require lots of keyword research, then don’t create panic. Instead, use a higher volume keyword, around 5k. We use different volumes for different content, so make sure to use 5k keyword volume for keyword research for the blog strategy.

Another thing is that if you don’t perform keyword research, then your blog will be gone under-optimized. Consequently, poor traffic generates very low traffic to your blog post. That’s why we will describe the basic and advanced keyword research method.

Introduction of Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of searching your target customer for your product, marketing service, or content. It helps you discover multiple words to enter in a search engine to find a highly recommended service in your firm. Then, you can use those keywords to get more traffic on your website by entering keywords in search engines. For example, most people in the world use keyword research for blog posts to rank their website in the Google search engine.

The Importance of Keyword Research 

Importance of Keyword Research 
Importance of Keyword Research

Figuring out keyword research for different people like what they are thinking and typing into a search engine. However, it is important to note that avoid creating content that nobody searches in search engines. Most websites and multiple business owners make this mistake, which is a big part of their low generating revenue.

Keywords research helps you how hard keyword is for ranking in Google, how much traffic may come to your website, what type of content you should write, how many volume keywords you should choose, and much more.

How To Do Keyword Research for Blog Posts

Keyword Research for Blog Posts
Keyword Research for Blog Posts

Keyword research for creating a unique blog post is a complicated task. However, it is the main and basic work to generate revenue by writing quality content and using revenue-generating keywords for Google. Learning keyword research is much easier than you think because it will be easier when you know that it will be. Now we are going to discuss dedicated tools of keyword research where you will find keywords for creating blogs that will drive organic traffic to your content, brand, or service.

Use Best 7 Keyword Research Tools for Optimization

Keyword Research Tools for Optimization
Keyword Research Tools for Optimization

By using below mentioned keyword research tools, you can optimize your content for SEO. However, it will take too much time to run into a search engine, but it will work. These tools make keyword research more effective and allow you to check keyword relevance, track competitors, and produce trendy topics.

  1. Check Website Analytics – For Keyword Research Blog Posts 

In the beginning, you must analyze your post to identify keywords that will attract visitors to your website. Then check all your website pages have keywords or not through website analytics. If you don’t have a dedicated post for such keywords, you could miss out on attracting even more readers.

  1. Google Top Keyword Suggest

Google is the first keyword research that is free in every aspect, and it is a quick guide to help you find the most popular searches. By typing your keyword in Google search, you will see what the search engine suggests after getting your primary keyword. Then search your keyword again and go to the bottom of Google that will tell you what people are searching and by following this technique, you can find your target audience.

  1. Google Trend – For Keyword Research Blog Posts 

Google is a highly recommended tool for keyword research according to VFMSEO because they can tell you keywords according to time and date with respect to every country. In addition, the tool measures the volume of searches over time and lets you filter keywords based on region, time, country, category, etc.

  1. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is an authentic tool, but it is not free to use. It helps you discover keywords in two ways: If you type in a phrase, you can get related keywords, and if you type in the page, you can find which keywords it ranks for. However, using these tools, you can discover keyword-related questions, terms, and much more for your audience queries.

  1. io – For Keyword Research Blog Posts 

This keyword tool.io give you country-wise keywords research that allows you to enter word or phrase into the search bar, and you will get multiple searches with their keyword volume, CPC, keyword competition, etc. This keyword tool finds keywords from Google, Bing, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

You think that this tool will pay you for ads, so don’t worry, this is not paying you anymore. But it allows you to find keywords, evaluate their search volume, and get related keywords.

  1. com

Answer the public keyword tool is like a round universe tool because it gives you many keywords at a time and provides you with related suggestions. In addition, this tool allows you to conduct a related keyword search and add different phrasing options to your content.

A Bonus Tip for Creating Blog Keyword Research

Keyword research tools are used to determine the volume and keyword difficulty for blog posts. A keyword volume shown by these tools is an estimate of the keyword. But a keyword difficult is based on the number of backlinks that a competitor’s website has. Therefore, finding keyword difficulty is much more difficult due to the exact number or popularity of a keyword. These tips will determine a keyword’s ranking difficulty and popularity.

  1. Use Keywords in URL for Drive Ranking

Finding keyword difficulty is much easy by using the Google search engine. The keywords should be in the title because Google will allow the exact search result. The results of keywords are visible at the top of the search result page and the bottom of the search bar.

If your keyword has (less than 50 keyword – Very easy to rank), (Between 50 to 150 – Easy to rank), (KW difficulty between 150 to 250 – medium/ difficult) or (Greater than 250 – Hard to rank in Google.

  1. Google Search of a Keyword By Using Allinurl Search Operator

The Allinurl search operator will provide a list of pages with keywords in the URL. The presence of keywords in URLs matters a lot for Google, which is the 2nd most important signal for Google. It is similar to the Allinurl search operator. Click on the more results option at the bottom of the SERPs if the search results are greater than 10. Next, go to the last page. This will provide you with the actual results.

Closing Thoughts

Keyword research is the process of understanding your target audience for your product, marketing service, or content. Keywords research helps you how hard keyword is for ranking in Google, how much traffic may come to your website, what type of content you should write, and much more. However, you can optimize your content for SEO by using mentioned above tools and strategies, so read on and know more. Then, let me know which tool and which strategy would be best for you.


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