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How to Write a Perfect Outreach Email in 2021

July 24, 2021

How to write a perfect outreach email? If search engine optimization (SEO) is part of your startup’s marketing tactics—and it more than likely should be—you’ll need to build backlinks to your website at some point.

As an explanation, backlinks are essential to SEO because they represent a ‘vote of confidence from one site to another and are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content.

One of the most tried-and-true ways to get backlinks is sending a cold email asking the recipient to link back to your site. If you’ve ever managed a company’s primary contact inbox or you’ve run a blog, you’ve more than likely gotten hundreds of these. The majority of them are poorly written, confusing, irritating, and just plain wrong.

Building backlinks is a tedious process. And if you’re writing the duplicate boring, robotic outreach emails as everyone else, you’re just making the process even harder for yourself.

Writing cold emails is no easy task. You’re asking a stranger to take time out of their occupied day to do something for you. With the average person undergoing over 90 business emails every day, it’s no surprise that most cold emails get ignored.

Email Outreach
Email Outreach

How to Write a Perfect Cold Outreach Email? 

Make it hyper-personal, exhibit humor and be relatable 

The person you’re emailing doesn’t know you. This means that you have less than 15 seconds to catch a stranger, build a connection with them, and get them to read the rest of your email.

To do that, your email must be very personal. If you write something generic that could be directed to anyone, the recipient will have no incentive to read it. They’ll think that you’re another lousy marketer who’s out to waste their time.

Make the pitch less than 80 words

Once you’ve added yourself and built a connection with your recipient, get to your pitch. This is where you state your reason for writing the email—which could be anything from asking for a backlink to improve your site’s SEO to pitching yourself as a podcast guest or even asking about an open position.

Keep your pitch short and to the point—your receiver is a busy person. The longer your pitch is, the higher the probabilities they’ll stop reading halfway through it. Ideally, your pitch should be less than 75 words.

Returning to the backlink example: When creating your pitch, note that most people won’t go out of their way to add a link back to your site or article simply because you asked. If you want to increase your chances of getting a link, you require to provide some value for the other website and their audience.

This means that you should not send out your outreach emails to anyone who appears to have a website or a blog. Alternatively, find websites within your niche that have content related to the content that you’re promoting, and then send your outreach emails to the owners of these sites.

In the pitch section of your email, please describe how you came across their content, why you think that adding a link back to your content would be suitable for their valium where to buy website, and how the link back to your content will add value to the site’s audience.

Add a call to action to drive results

After making your pitch, don’t drop the mic. What do you need your recipient to do after they read your message? Get that clear with a call to action (CTA). A CTA prompts the email recipient to take a particular action, which in this case is to link back to your site.

The difficulty is that a lot of options create something known as the paradox of choice. In a great experiment by researchers from Columbia University and Stanford University, the researchers set up a stand inside a busy shopping mall, where they offered different flavors of jam.

At special times, they had 24 flavors of jam on the stand, and at other times they reduced the number to just six flavors. They tried to test which of the two setups would lead to more sales. At the end of the experiment, the researchers discovered that 30% of those presented with six flavors made a purchase. On the other hand, for those pointed with 24 flavors, only a paltry 3% made a purchase.

Being performed with a higher number of flavors to choose from made it difficult for people to make a choice—and eventually, most of them went away without buying anything.

This is the same thing that occurs when you have a CTA with too many options in your outreach email. With different options to pick from, there’s a high chance that your email recipient won’t make any choice—so you won’t get that backlink you were hoping for.

To bypass this, your CTA should only have one option. They either give you the backlink or ignore the email.

Ready to write better emails?

With the three key tips we’ve included, you have everything you need to improve your outreach campaigns and build a healthy backlink profile. Here’s a recap of what you require to do:

  • Make the email hyper-personal, present humor, and be relatable
  • Pitch the value of linking back to your website in less than 80 words
  • Add a call to action to drive outreach results

Good luck as you set out to modify your campaigns and make real connections with people.


What is an outreach email?

Email outreach is the process of getting in touch with other people via email. In content marketing, the goal is typically to promote a piece of content, request a backlink, or attempt to form a partnership/collaboration with an influencer.

How many words should an outreach email be?

The Ideal Outreach Email Subject Line Length Is 36-50 Characters. Our study found that long subject lines get a significantly greater response rate than shorter subject lines. Precisely, subject lines between 36-50 characters get the best response rate.

Is cold emailing illegal?

You are legitimately allowed to send emails to business prospects you’ve never met when your recipient/target lives in the United States. Cold-emailing also applies to mass emails or bulk sending. While we aren’t huge fans of bulk emailing, it’s absolutely legal to do so.

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