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How To Improve Voice Search Seo

How to Optimize Voice Search SEO? Effective Ways

September 05, 2021

Voice searches are becoming increasingly popular today. Nearly 20% of all searches are currently conducted via voice search. According to predictions by research firms, voice search will dominate nearly half of searches by next year.

What is Voice Search? 

With Voice Search, users can search by speaking the search terms in the search field instead of typing them in. In general, Voice Search is developed as a software application, but it can also be developed as a service.

How To Use Voice Search For Seo
How To Use Voice Search For Seo

How to Optimize for Voice Search SEO?

The process of optimizing existing content to make it more voice search friendly is called voice search optimization, and most businesses are following it to keep up with the fierce competition of ranking both for voice and web searches.

You can optimize your website for voice search and improve your chances of ranking on the top of the SERPs by following these steps:

Content That Appears in Featured Snippets 

Google displays featured snippets at the top of the search engine results page with relevant information. The search engines, such as Google, pull the most relevant results and display the content for the search query.

Nearly 30% of Google’s search results include featured snippets, according to research. When your content appears as a featured snippet, your voice assistant will most likely pull its answer from there. Therefore, you should strive to provide quality content on your website so that it appears as a featured snippet.

Write User Intent Content

User-intent content takes into account the queries and doubts that a user might have about the products or services you offer. To show up on top of the SERP for a specific search query, user intent content should answer the ‘why,’ ‘who,’ ‘which,’ ‘when,’ & ‘how’ of the audience.

When people ask questions through voice actions, Google searches through millions of answers and displays the one it deems most relevant.

Optimize Your Business Listings

Claiming your Google My Business (GMB) profile is the best way to have Google recognize your business online. Your chances of appearing in voice searches will increase.

It is crucial to provide accurate information about your NAP. Make sure that all the business names, addresses, and phone numbers are consistent across all of your listings.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The majority of voice searches are conducted using smartphones. Voice searches dominate over 25% of mobile search queries currently. According to this figure, every fifth user prefers to use voice search.

So, you should develop a mobile-friendly website so your customers can find quick answers to their queries and boost your traffic. When creating a mobile-friendly website, it is important to pay attention to the following factors: proper design, compressed images, clearly written content, easy navigation, and bigger CTA buttons.

Use Long-Tail Keywords Effectively

When conducting a voice buy prednisone online from mexico search, people tend to use long phrases rather than chopped terms or keywords. Therefore, make sure your content contains long-tail keywords. Additionally, this is beneficial from a search engine optimization standpoint.

Keywords with more than 2-3 phrases have a high chance of ranking and also face less competition. Certain tools can be used to find out what type of long-tail keywords people are using when searching for your products and services and optimize your website content accordingly.

Focus on Structured Data

Google understands your content better when it has structured data. By adding the code to HTML markup, you can control how search results are displayed on your website.

Structured data can help your web content appear in featured snippets and increase the click-through rate on your site. Generally, the more featured snippets your content has, the more likely it is to appear in voice search results. For more information about how structured data can be integrated into your website, visit schema.org.

Add FAQ Section

Your website will benefit from the addition of a FAQ section, as it is beneficial for voice search optimization. Compile a FAQ based on the questions people frequently search in Google. Using AnswerThePublic, you can build a reservoir of popular questions using your niche terms that are extracted from Google’s search database.

Consider researching questions people have in online forums, Quora, Reddit, but don’t limit yourself to this one. Ask people on social media about their issues and frames your FAQs according to their questions. A FAQ that matches a search query will surely be ranked at the top of the search results.

Speed Up Your Website

If you want your website to rank for voice searches, you need to optimize the Page speed. Start by analyzing the current page speed of your site and identifying the causes of it running slowly.

Implement proper strategies to improve page speed, including optimizing the webpages, reducing the size of your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files using a reliable compression tool, reducing the number of redirects, optimizing images, and improving the server response time. By making these changes, your website will load faster and increase its chances of appearing in voice search results.

Work on Local SEO

Locally, most people use voice search to find out where to go. While at home, walking, or driving, they search for restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, salons, plumbers, and doctors. In order to appear in local searches, you need to optimize your content with location-specific keywords, such as ice-cream shops in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, when people type terms like “ice-cream shop near me” or “best ice-cream shops in Los Angeles,” Google will detect your business location and if your store is close to them, there is a good chance that your website will show up.

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