How to increase my domain authority

How to Increase My Domain Authority (DA)

Are you exploring to know “how to increase my domain authority” guide? You can follow our guide to increase your domain authority. There are hundreds of circumstances that Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of a website. One special that has taken on great importance over the years is the domain authority of a website.

Domain authority is a metric elaborated by Moz. The higher your domain authority is, the more persuasive you will earn a higher search engine ranking and get more and better web traffic.

Your domain authority is also a great way to measure your SEO efforts and compare the strength of your website to your competition’s websites.

domain authority
domain authority

What is the Domain Authority (DA) of a Website? 

The DA of a website is a score 0 to 100 (the higher, the better) that tries to divine how well a website will rank on search engines.

It is not the same as Google’s ranking score (PageRank), which can impact your rankings.

Moz (and other companies who have similar systems) are trying to simulate the Google ranking algorithm by considering all known circumstances that can only affect rankings and give a score to domains used for comparison purposes.

In other words, the DA depends on the data Moz has about your website, which is seldom not as accurate as what Google knows about your website.

Other Things You Should Know About DA

  • DA does not take into account Google penalties. A domain below a Google penalty naturally loses its rankings, but if this is not certainly known to Moz. So, the domain authority will still be high while the domain is under a penalty.
  • Google’s ranking algorithm analyzes hundreds of factors (nobody knows exactly the number, but some predictions indicate that there are more than 200) while Domain Authority takes into account 40 factors only.
  • It’s not easy to change your DA score. It’s not something you can do on your website today and immediately see the rise in domain authority.
  • DA is based on a logarithmic scale. This indicates that it’s easier to improve your DA score from 20 to 30, but it’s much harder to go from 70 to 80. As you go higher on the scale, it becomes more challenging.
  • DA moves frequently, so it’s not a metric to assess your SEO performance over time but rather a website metric to use for domain comparison purposes.

How is the Domain Authority Calculated?

According to Moz, they determine Domain Authority by taking into account several signals (40 in total), including:

  • The number of incoming links leading to your website.
  • The variety and relevancy of incoming links
  • The state of your website’s content
  • Social Signals (the popularity of your domain and check-in social media networks)
  • Your website’s SEO production in general
increase my domain authority
increase my domain authority

How to Increase My Domain Authority (DA)?

Get more high-authority links 

Shocking, I understand, but that’s the long and short of it. Links from high-authority sites and pages still carry important ranking power, and they drive both Domain Authority and Page soma buy Authority. Even if you want to ignore DA, you know high-authority links are an extraordinary thing to have.

Getting them is the subject of thousands of posts and more than a couple of full-length novels (well, ok, books — but there’s apparently a novel and a feature film in the works).

Get fewer spammy links

Our new DA score does a much more satisfying job of discounting wrong links, as Google tries to do. Note that “bad” doesn’t mean low-authority links. It’s quite natural to have some links from low-authority domains and pages, and in many cases, it’s both relevant and helpful to searchers.

Moz’s Spam Score is much complicated, but as humans, we intuitively know when we’re chasing low-quality, low-relevance links. Stop doing that.

Get more traffic-driving links

Our new DA score also decides whether links come from legitimate sites with real traffic because that’s a strong signal of usefulness. Whether or not you use DA regularly, you understand that attracting links that drive traffic is a good thing that shows relevance to searches and drives bottom-line results.

It’s also an attractive reason to stop chasing every link you can at all costs. What’s the point of a link that no one will see, that drives no traffic, and our authority metrics and Google anticipated discount that.


[faq_item title=”How long does it take to increase domain authority?” decs=”If you did ‘all the wise things,’ then I would assume to wait at the very least 12 months to see a DA increase that high, but extra likely 2 to 3 years.”][faq_item title=”What makes up domain authority?” decs=”Domain Authority is determined by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and whole links, into a single DA score. This score can then be utilized when comparing websites or tracking the “ranking strength” of a website over time.”][faq_item title=”Why did my domain authority go down?” decs=”While your competition proceeds to rise, a decrease in domain authority could indicate a few things: You haven’t produced any fresh unique content since the last time your site was crawled. Google may have caught something sketchy you did, such as keyword stuffing or duplicate content (which is distinct from syndicated content).”][faq_item title=”What’s a good domain authority score?” decs=”Its logarithmic scale suggests that it’s much simpler to improve your score if your domain authority is 20 or a 30 than if it was at a 70 or an 80. Domain authority between 40 and 50 is estimated average, between 50 and 60 is deemed acceptable, and over 60 is deemed worthy.”]

Final Words

Domain authority is an essential marketing metric because it can help you create a strong SEO strategy that propels your company forward. Just remember that domain authority predicts end; it doesn’t guarantee it. Because of this, you are boosting your score should never be the top goal.

To build domain authority for your website, follow the three steps we talk about in this article. When you do, your DA will rise, as well as your site’s capacity to rank well in search engine results. Good luck!


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