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Growth Hacking is the Secret Ingredient for SEO! Why???

Not getting all you want from SEO techniques? Then take the step to learn proven SEO growth hacking to boost and induce organic traffic.

A comprehensive SEO strategy can let you outsmart your competitors and survive in the digital world. And it’s the guaranteed outcome! Because search engines are sources of connecting you to the people to get their widely spread opinions and thoughts.

Established growth hacking has much greater potential to influence the digital business. If you own a small business, then focus on SEO growth hackings to gain business audience trust in your digital business. Before illustrating the main discussion, let’s learn what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how it works?

Search Engines and How Does It Function?

We are all well aware of Google. Yahoo! And of course, Bing! People use these search engines to explore information and exciting content on the World Wide Web.

But how do Search Engines work? It certainly depends on the users’ queries. Their job is to present the most relevant information and best possible answers to users’ searched questions.

Google values the ones with quality information and therefore keeps it amongst the most visible or top search results. Google algorithm efficiently determines whether it’s valuable enough to display constant visibility on its search results.

Some might wonder what factors Google algorithms decide on your website’s worth? It depends on the principles google has already set to implement for whoever wants to be part of Google.

You must abide by and please the Google Algorithms by forming your website and content creation and marketing strategies.

In short, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of enhancing business visibility in its search results.

growth hacking agency
growth hacking agency

Is SEO Worthy to Sustain Your Business in Digital World?

You can find different ways to market your content or your business. SEO is undoubtedly one of the efficient and secure marketing techniques that can earn you sustainable business prospects.

Why is it like this?

Google Ads’ constant marketing is always above $2 per click. On the contrary, the Facebook promotional campaign costs at least $1.86 charge per click. Similarly, Tiktok and Snapchat ads have quite an expensive promotional cost. At the same time, SEO is a free-of-cost technique that keeps all other things constant. However, it demands time and effort to optimize the website search results.

what is growth hacking
what is growth hacking

How Growth Hacking Quickly Helps You Improve SEO

If you intend on improving your SEO growth hacking, then do it correctly! Because it can help you improve your ranking while reinforcing your business conversion rate. SEO has much better potential to generate a 14.6% conversion rate compared to direct mailing ability of 1.7%.

As you get familiar with painstakingly slow and extreme competition SEO always encounters. Being an insignificant business, you might not feel satisfied with such sluggish speed or patience for such low and uncertain results. While grabbing on some quick and adaptable tips to ascend the growth hacking in your online business, let’s learn what growth hacking is all about.

The Growth Hackers love experimenting with marketing strategies to implement speedier marketing channels with extensive product development. In such a way, it identifies the prospects of an effective and efficient mechanism to grow a business.

Thanks to the constant endeavor of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if you intend to grow and run your business website from a new start from nothing to the millionaire, thanks to the constant endeavor of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can compound your business success quite exponentially with well-identified SEO growth hackings. In simple terms, it is experiment-oriented marketing that can maximize your goal from 10 to 100 times, boosting your online visibility with voluminous traffic on your website.

growth hacking marketing
growth hacking marketing

What Are Data-Driven Growth Hacking Strategies For Better SEO?

Let’s focus on some of the techniques to understand the growth of hacking. So, if you want to replicate the data-driven growth hacks, follow these SEO techniques to succeed within search results.

  1. Backlinking hack to website growth prospect
  2. Search for the target keyword
  3. Use Google ads for keywords prioritization
  4. Utilize low da websites for keyword research
  5. Limit the number of extensive website pages you have.
  6. Google snippet feature to SEOinfluential growth hacking technique
  7. Cornerstone content as a growth hacking strategy

Backlinking Hack to Website Growth Prospect

Backlinks are simple the shared links from others to your website. It serves as an essential support to stand in the voluminous search results. Driving authentic website links to the website makes the natural flow of viewership with reference from the credential websites.

Google regards and credits authentic websites; therefore, it improves credibility and upgrades search result visibility on the top pages. “Domain Authority(DA)” records Google’s credibility for its accurate measurability. Having a higher domain authority will boost your ranking quickly whenever you publish your content on the online platform.

In short, GoogleAlgorithm immensely credits backlinks because it lets your content be verified in the sight of a search engine by other websites.

But how can you grow more backlinks to your website as a growth hacking trick?

·               Directories

Whenever you build your website, the first option you have is through industry directories. Build your website profile with backlinks in your particular industry directory. Some significant internet directories you can garb easily are yelp, Google My Business, G2, Capterra, small business association, review websites, or AllTop.

·               Internal Linking Within Website Pages to better apply growth hacking SEO

It links up to your website’s different web pages to let your google crawls effortlessly without searching in the google search index. It does help you improve your SEO if you interlink your website content.

·               Guest Posting

You have to search for websites that easily allow for guest posts. Correspond to them to write some informative and insightful articles, including your website links. Try to even look for guest posting opportunities on Google search as well. You can initiate searching for higher Domain Authority (DA) websites. To gauge Domain Authority (DA), GrowthBar can be a handy tool to determine the website DA between 0-100. It’s another way to drive users’ visibility to your website if you allow the content on other websites with your website links.

·               Give Credit

You have to build relationships and affiliate with other websites. So, to acquire that, giving Credit is a helpful mechanism because people love recognition and admiration. Giving someone their due Credit will build your relationship that can help you avail yourself of the facility of guest posting or link sharing possible without any discomfort.

·               Incorporate Signatures

Add your website to wherever you incorporate your signature, including message boards, emails, or social media platforms. It can help build more visibility amongst professionals and youngsters alike.

·               Participation In Social Media Community Platforms

It is also crucial to present your website to social media users by commenting on blogs and social media. Write your comments on community platforms like quora, developer forums, product communities, or blogs that allow you to share your website links.

·               Create Attractive Infographics

If you truly want your audience to be looking for thoughtful and appealing formats for internet material on your website, then employ infographics because people love to use them in blog posts and link to their websites.

·               Outbid your competitors’ links

You can test your links against your competitors since if a publisher connects to your competitors; they will evaluate you as well. You must contact them and request that your website link get considered.

Search For Target Keyword

Keyword research starts with brainstorming and then identifying the targeted search result queries. It’s one of the best practices to keep your audience in mind before writing any content, and what are they looking for in the search result? Assess Keyword competition for your selected interesting keywords using SEO software tools like Ahref, GrowthBar, SEMrush, or Moz. These can even help you locate additional keywords, incl long-tail keywords with a phrase of 3+ words.

GrowthBar lets you manage the appropriate keyword selection with its competitive keyword scores. With an effort of long-tail keywords, you can search for the high search volume with a low difficulty ranking score.

Use Google Ads for Keywords Prioritization

Keyword Priority using Google Ads can help you research the rival keyword biddings if they want to competitive bid for their organic keyword. It will be profitable because keyword competitors bidding with Cost-Per-Click (CPC) allows the superior value of search terms. So, if you’re a significant competitor, you must build your smart strategy around high-value search queries.

Utilize Low DA Websites For Keyword Research

It is always customary for Google to rank a website based on a higher Domain Authority (DA). If you search through the search engine, you will find Wikipedia, Forbes, or New York Times constantly appearing on the Page One search result. Because Google considers it the authorized therefore ranks for every content published online on their website.

Low Domain Authority (DA) is sometimes troublesome in ranking for their content on the digital platform. Searching for a low DA keyword is stimulating for turning it into your strength. However, if you’ve reinforced being a quiet domain authority ranking for your keywords, you can make it an opportunity to get into fruitful endeavors.

Limit The Number Of Extensive Website Pages You Have.

Google loves engaging, informative content, but at the same time, the Google website crawl access should be simple. With a limited budget on how many pages Google can crawl at a specific time, it is challenging for an extensive website with massive web pages.

You can remove your webpages from the sitemap using Google console or Yoast WP plugin because it will limit crawling the entire website. It might take weeks or more to access the whole website. Therefore, ranking your content quickly and updating the old content might be at your disadvantage. Removing webpages from sitemap will then help you manage your site better. It allows better navigation for Google Crawler by allocating its budget to your specific web pages.

Google Snippet Feature to SEO EfficientGrowth Hacking Technique

You can rank ahead of your competitor with intelligent and featured listing on the search engine results (SERP). It indicates that if your website content list in the snippet feature, you will get some additional clicks on the listing from the intended audience. It even appears before the top search results, which improves users’ clicking attempts with better visibility.

You can easily do so by creating a question in the H2 heading while presenting the list in the H3 header to better respond to the question above. Google favors it, therefore helping you rank in the top search spot to resolve users’ queries on the prime location.

Cornerstone Content AsA Growth Hacking Strategy

These are the indispensable content or keywords related to your business. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have your cornerstone content well thought out, convincing, and sizeable length of 1500 to 2500 words.

You can set 3-5 corner articles for a better business target. It works pretty well for all your other articles can smoothly link to it. That helps in building your website more authority in the Google search. As it searches through your content, it will lead to opening other hyperlinks and reading its content.

The constant repetitive navigation of your cornerstone content will help more visibility as the critical content of the website; therefore, it improves the ranking in search result pages.

It is noteworthy to differentiate some features that effectively distinguish the cornerstone content. Some of them are as follows.

  • A longer post works quite well; therefore, the optimal content length should be 1890 – 2000 words. If you intend to win the critical spot with cornerstone content search terms, you are on the right track.
  • The simple URL for your cornerstone content enhances the users’ accessibility and get therefore incorporated in your article URLs.
  • Once you have devised your workable strategy using cornerstone content, it is vital to make identical content clusters with different articles. That’s the most successful tip and trick to double down if your keyword cluster grabs the audience’s attention like catching fire.

If you want your website to be thoroughly SEO-optimized and have greater audience visibility in Google search results, that’s all there is to some growth hacking strategies.


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