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godaddy search engine visibility

What Is Godaddy Search Engine Visibility? Worth it for 2020

GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility is software provided by GoDaddy. It guides webmasters on how to gain the search ranking results of their websites. After starting your website’s URL in the software, the software will identify technical issues your website is suffering from. By pointing out the technical aspects where your website is not performing well, webmasters can start to implement adjustments to rank better on the search engines.

godaddy search engine visibility review
godaddy search engine visibility review

Is Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Worth It?

Depending on your specifications, the GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility tool could prove to be helpful. If you have little time on your hands, using the GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility tool could assist you to identify your website’s technical issues. Although essential, it provides a foundation for your website to improve its rankings in the search rankings

The tool mainly provides generic advice that may not be 100% customized to your solution. Since it is software and does not have a person manually going through the information, the direction it provides might not be optimal for your situation. However, if you are on a strong budget, the Godaddy Search Engine Visibility does provide insightful information such as potential keywords you could target.

Is Godaddy SEO Worth It?

GoDaddy currently does not list the cost of Godaddy’s SEO services on their website. However, users on forums maintained that they paid GoDaddy a little over $500 bucks for 10 hours of work. They insisted that they did not take much from GoDaddy’s SEO service.

In conclusion, it could be a wise option to use GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility first. If you find GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility to be helpful, you could engage GoDaddy for their SEO Services.

SEO Services Advantages

There are some advantages to using GoDaddy’s SEO Services package. As previously mentioned, it takes the burden of SEO optimization out of the website owner’s hands. You still have to give the GoDaddy team in-depth information about your business and your website’s goals. However, the rest is out of your hands. You won’t have to do the analysis and analytics, nor will you have to do the grunt buy soma 350 mg online task of writing thousands of words of content.

All of this is needed care of if you subscribe to the SEO Services package. It should also be noted that the team at GoDaddy, which handles SEO optimization, are highly experienced professionals. This team of experts would likely see better results than you would yourself if you try to manage your site’s SEO optimization. Even if you could initially do as well as the GoDaddy team, you may struggle with the ongoing process more than the GoDaddy people would.

SEO Services Disadvantages

As you apparently have guessed, GoDaddy’s SEO Services offering is more valuable than its Search Engine Visibility package. The exact price of the SEO Services package varies widely according to each site’s size and needs, but it is certainly pricier than the SEO Services package. It’s also deserving noting that it will likely take many weeks at least before the search traffic to your website increases by a significant amount. It may even take several months.

The timeline is equal, if not slower as if you did the SEO optimization task yourself. However, it can be examining to wait for the results to show up because you aren’t directly involved with the work, so there is a greater sense of possibility. Finally, you will learn little to nothing concerning SEO optimization with the SEO Services package. Everything is needed care of by the GoDaddy team. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your desire to read more about SEO optimization.


By choosing the GoDaddy search engine visibility add-on, you’ll add an extra cost to https://crohnscolitislifestyle.com/buyativan/ your hosting plan that you don’t even need in the end. Rather than that, why not optimize your site and pages by following the Google guidelines and tips for webmasters and bloggers? It’s not that hard to learn some essential SEO tips and tricks that are better than GoDaddy and all the other web hosting so-called search visibility tools.

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