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How to Fix the Connection Timed Out Error

How to Fix Connection Timed Out Error in WordPress

December 20, 2020

Are you facing the connection timed out error in WordPress? Commonly WordPress users in shared hosting facing this failure due to insufficient resources. The failure message shows that your website is attempting to do more than the server capability. This problem is irritating and may take some time to solve. Nevertheless, there are a number of great things you can do to stop and fix it.

Why Connection Timed Out Error Occurs 
Why Connection Timed Out Error Occurs

Why Connection Timed Out Error Occurs 

While this issue is sort of a complicated matter and does need great technical knowledge in order to completely understand it, to give you a common idea, we can say that this error happens when your server is not able to do any more executions either because of memory or time limitations.

If you are using shared hosting, you are most likely conscious that you do share sources with different sites on that server. And if for instance, you install plugins and/or themes that are too big, or if you execute PHP scripts that are too difficult to run, you gamble overburdening the shared server and consuming your PHP memory. It can because of the Connection timed out failure.

Another situation that creates the error is the time deadline set for how long your PHP scripts can go. Even though you might think that these deadlines are totally unnecessary, they are in fact prescribed for a purpose, that purpose being to defend web servers from harm.

What the time deadline for a particular site and its PHP scripts is, alters from different hosting providers, but then they all have one custom in common. When a script ends the maximum time limit for execution, the Connection Timed Out error appears.

Now that we understand the theoretical part out of the process, it’s time to know the most important part, the ways of resolution used to examine this failure.

How to Fix Connection Timed Out Error in WordPress
How to Fix Connection Timed Out Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Connection Timed Out Error?

Check Your Connection

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge each suggest that you should verify your network connection. While this might sound naive, they all point to verifying your internet connection first as it’s one of the most typical reasons for failure. Here are a few things we suggest:

  • Restart your office or home router. This only needs a few minutes and resolves more obstacles than a lot of individuals would like to receive. To fully power cycle it, unplug the power supply and then wait 30 seconds before connecting it back in.
  • Verify to see if you are on a slow or bad Wi-Fi connection. This is a general experience on busy public Wi-Fi hotspots including airports or coffee shops.

Temporarily Disable Your Plugins

As with most WordPress glitches, a plugin can surely be the root of the cause. To find if that’s what’s happening, you will require to disable all of your site’s plugins. Nevertheless, if you are receiving the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message it indicates you don’t have access to your WordPress admin area. This suggests you will require SFTP into your site. We suggest buy klonopin usa using FileZilla.

When your SFTP client is available, attach to your website through it, and go to your WordPress root folder. In case you cannot locate it, it’s normally called www, Html, public_html, public, or your site’s name.

Temporarily Disable Firewall and Antivirus Software

Antivirus software and Firewalls are intended to secure users and their computers. They scan your device frequently and automatically block any unusual activity. Though, this kind of security can at times point to connection problems.

Update WordPress to the Latest Version

Updates are necessary, and if you forgot to make them, that could point to many undesired errors on your site including the Connection Timed Out issue.

Fortunately, if there are any updates that require to be done, all you have to follow is navigate into your WordPress dashboard – Updates tab, and lastly press the Update Now option.

Change DNS Servers

The next action you can undertake is switching your DNS servers. By default, DNS servers are automatically allowed by your ISP. But you could try tentatively transferring these to a public DNS server including Cloudflare or Google.

  • Some favor to use Google’s public DNS ( and long-term due to them sometimes being more stable.
  • Cloudflare also allows for safe and blazing-fast open DNS ( and

Cloudflare and Google are not accurate 100 percent of the time and there have been a few examples where we have seen switching back has fixed the issue. This is notably true if you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot in a coffee shop or airport.

Increase the Memory Limit

The WP_MEMORY_LIMIT framework permits you to define the maximum amount of memory that can be used by PHP. If you are working with shared hosting, it’s very likely set to a low-value like 64M. You can expand the memory limit by inserting the following command to your wp-config.php file. This must be located above the wp-settings.php.

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

If you don’t know what your current PHP memory limit is set to? If you own access to your WordPress dashboard and are operating WordPress 5.2 or above, you can see the PHP memory limit in the Site Health tool.

Clear Browsing Data

Last but not least, we have a very easy resolution that just might do the trick and that trick is to clear your browsing data.

Removing browsing data is pretty frank and just follow the steps, in your Google Chrome browser:

  • Start the browser and press on the 3 vertical dots in the top right or you can press Ctrl+h
  • On the promoted menu, press more tools, and then press on Clear browsing data.
  • On the next screen you are redirected to, select what kind of browsing data you need to remove and from which time range
  • And finally, press on the Clear data to finish the process.


Connection time out problem is never fun to troubleshoot, but positively, you have a few more knowledge in your pocket now to assist fix them fast. It’s necessary to determine that the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT failure is a result of a client-side issue like network connection, or a problem with the server where your WordPress site is hosted.

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