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Best Link Tracking Software

Best Link Tracking Software of 2022: Top 15 On the List

October 04, 2022

Best link tracking software of 2022? Finding the best link trackers is not easy, but our buyer’s list lists ten of the most effective software to track links. It is advisable to track your links if you are an affiliate marketer and sell affiliate programs through your website or if you like to track the results. However, We believe conversion should be our primary goal when purchasing link management operating systems. Here are some suggestions: Try Scaleo for 14 days.

What Actually Link Tracking Software Is?

The link-click tracking tool is an application that tracks a user’s click on links. It allows you to see if the linked pages of the site are popular. However, it can improve your website’s exposure. It is possible to track links with two different kinds of software: A web tracking service, a desktop application, or a client.

Typically, online tracking software is either free of cost or free. The tracking pixels embed on your site, sending the data back to the service when people click a URL or land on a site through organic keyword searches.

Why Do I Need the Best Link Tracking Software?

In online promotion, a key task is link tracking. Unfortunately, this aspect is overlooked. How do links get traced? It’s essentially an attempt to track how many clicks you get from a website via social media or PPC to a specific page.

This test will help you determine if people have clicked a campaign. Therefore, this is a useful exercise because it allows you to get precise results in your marketing. Often, successful marketing managers say linking to tracking makes them different from their competitors.

How Does Click Tracker Work?

Click Tracker is a software that records how often the click is clicked. Using these metrics, the firm can measure campaign effectiveness by tracking click-throughs on a website. Moreover, the tracking software generates identifying information for each user who accesses an Internet site.

A second tracking feature is available after clicking the Link. This data is then used to produce a summary report demonstrating advertising effectiveness.

Top 15 Best Link Tracking Software to Use In 2022

Top 15 Best Link Tracking Software
Top 15 Best Link Tracking Software

Google has selected ClickMagick for its excellent link-tracing software. It’s a Link monitoring tool and works on any site, including Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The application correspondingly allows tracking and improving revenue. Furthermore, you will find the most valuable customers, reducing your advertising costs.

Thus, the company is growing very quickly. ClickMagick gives you real-time information. However, Applying these techniques makes it possible to target new consumers more efficiently. ClickMagick provides affiliate tracking software links.

Moreover, Clickmagick Monitors & Optimizes the entire sales funnel. Advanced targeting integrated affiliate marketing software automated bot traffic filter Multiple Marketing strategies Toolkits and metrics Expert School Free Trial: 14 Days free trial.

However, Let’s compare links and tracking software to see which are better than others. All are great in their aspects,so let’s get started without further ado.

1.     Lnnkin

It can also serve as a short-coder for websites. This service supports you in both free and cost-free modes. Likewise, There are also free tracking tools available. However, also have options for shortening the hyperlinks and an opportunity for real-time click tracking.

The short links analysis feature supports research and the second feature is an optimization and detailed targeting for advertising campaigns. Lnnkin prices are also very cheap; however,The site provides free trials, and downloadable software prices are $4.99 daily.

Though, you can correspondingly look at Linktracker online. A RedTrack provides advertising tracks and a chat-attribution platform. It’s an excellent and cost-efficient link-tracking program.

2.     Affise

The Affluence platform provides partnerships for business promotion. It is aimed at advertisers, agencies, and affiliate businesses. However, it can be tracked through affiliates. Affise can manage, analyze and optimize email campaigns.

It allowed you to see clicks in real-time and was the most important application for developing networked PAN accounts, and it’s primarily a traffic tracking system and useful on affiliate networks. Additionally, it is affiliated-friendly though its cost is huge.

It has a free version as well as free trial versions. However, you can buy the paid version. You have a monthly fee of $299. Linkly is a free tool to track clicks.

3.     Track link with SmartLinkScaleo’s affiliate software

Smart Link allows your affiliate only to use one Link per offer. It chooses the best conversion offer from the available data by geo, device connection, and language. There will be a little hassle when the offers don’t work out well for the customer. Tell me the operation and the process.

At the moment, EPC (earn per click) is used for a selection of offers. However, the network EPC will be calculated at one time per day between the partners. Easy to set up plugins that will hide affiliate links from WordPress dashboards. It can be used with Gutenberg Classic or Gutenberg Editor using standard link codes or affiliate HTML codes too!

4.     ClickerVolt

ClickerVolt consists of WordPress tools, CROs, and more. The tool lets developers create conversion-optimized landing pages and sales pages. You can also use ClickerVolt to create and analyze WordPress funnels and perform A/B tests on which designs and components convert.

The package includes streamlined checkout and payment plugins to help customers easily make purchases. ClickerVolt allows users to advertise offers on popular CPA networks such as CPA Way Clickbank, Max Bounty Peerfly, and ClickerVolt. All these networks can be tracked using your affiliate link.

5.     ClickMagick

The most interesting program is ClickMagick. It is still the best link tracking tool on the market by many. It is usually web-based monitoring software that helps marketers get information from any location and device they use. Software help monitor your digital marketing efforts, campaigns, and sales process.

It is known for its improved features showing the conversion rates of an advertising campaign. However, many marketers have said that the best strategy for success is to ensure every click makes money. ClickMagic is a free click tracking software tool allowing you to increase the number of customers.

ClickMagick comes with an extra fee. However, this best click tracking software analytics tool offers three pricing options for use to begin the service. ClickMagic is relatively inexpensive compared to other online tools in the market.

Using these programs, you can accomplish many things using several different software. Pricing options include choosing a basic plan which costs $25 per month. The same standard package offers $67 for the month. The plan you need is $99 monthly. The cost is.

6.     ClickMeter

ClickMeter is another click tracking analytics software program widely available in digital markets today. It differentiates it from others regarding specific tools suited to publishers or marketers separate from agencies.

The best click tracking software system can determine a user’s location in a given geographic location by identifying a particular location. It can be analyzed and shared in real time by users.

7.     Snapshot

Snapt can be used for linking to a website. Its features are sometimes considered Bit.ly alternatives because they tag users. Is there any way to track links for affiliates? Snapt.io has the newest link tracking software available with a free plan that offers unlimited data access and unlimited data. First of all, the software offers excellent support at low prices as well as numerous useful tools.

Snapt.io is marketed as a Free Sign-On site, but it offers a lot more if enrolled in a Pay-per-Service program. Most low-paying plans usually consist of Solo Plan, which is $14 monthly.

Then we have Freelancer packages that cost $49 monthly. Consider an unlimited plan at $249 per month if the options are not in your favor. Each package has unique features. You can choose from many of these plans and select the best fit the market needs.

8.     LinkTrackr

LinkTrackr is a suite of tools that can be applied to every market. Compared with the other tools on the list, Link Tracker may be a less fantastic platform than the others. Link tracker can be accessed via web browsers.

A novice can easily use Linktrackers Basic Plan to gain the essential benefits of monitoring URLs. Basic models cost $117 a month, Pro $27 a month, and Hyper $47 per month. Super Affiliate Plans start at $177 a month. Instead of monthly payments, the annual plan offers 5% of the total price capped at the end of the term. Links: Linktracker.org.

9.     Bitly

Bitly has dominated the marketing market since its inception and still has advantages. However, Bitly has been developed to meet business needs and scales. It is an excellent tool for analyzing link performance via analytics.

10. Voluum

Next on my list is Voluum, my favorite link monitoring software. It is usually an AI web-based tracking software that marketers frequently use to track performance. The dashboard may be a problem with the product, but not much.

For the novice, this may not seem very clear. Once you get used to it, you can easily use the tool. It helps marketers monitor and manage campaigns and increase their revenues. It helps improve ad performance by using data analytics to analyze performance improvement.

11. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of Google’s most widely used analytics tools. It is useful to monitor the traffic distribution and conversions on a site if the page has been configured correctly. It provides useful data about conversion tracking software related to web optimization.

GA allows you to see if your page conversion rate has improved or changed because you have the right tool for this function. Pricing: Google Analytics is free. Google Analytics 360 Premium is priced at $175 per year.

12. Improved

Improvely is a link monitoring service that supports all major advertising networks like Facebook and Bing Advertising 100%. Marketing managers can pinpoint the origins of all conversions and identify fraud-related click-through activities.

Compared to ClickMagick, improvingly has a more difficult side. However, this tool offers many useful features for all marketers.

13. Clixtrac

If anyone wants to know how long people click on the Link, go here to get more information on how many. This simple system gives you access to every advantage of a link-monitoring system. It might not be the best tool for advertising marketing agencies, but the novice knows what exactly they’re doing with the campaign.

14. Redtrack.io

The cloud-based ad management system lets you track your advertising efforts. Additionally, Redtrack.io provides numerous tools for optimizing your advertising campaigns and provides you with a full analysis.

15. Trck.Me

Trck! Me’s is the best Link Tracker Software. However, it lets you track the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns by tracking their conversion rate and tracking their conversion rate.

How Do YouTrack Webpage Clicks?

When optimizing your money-making process, you need an optimal system for tracking visitor activity. A click tracking system that provides a simple yet accurate overview of visitors’ visits may help improve the efficiency or sales of the business products. This link tracking software can help you increase website usability and conversions.

How To Generate Tracking Links?

It is possible to use tracking links for many purposes, in other words using link shortening software. Link shortening is a tool for tracking a web link and displaying the click rate on your page.

Link shorteners examples: Bitly, ow.ly, and tinyurls.com. Alternatively, add UI parameters at the end of web pages. It lets you see various sources, mediums, and ads in Google Analytics.

Track Link Clicks for Free?

Google allows tracking links by tracking them. Furthermore, Google Analytics allows you to monitor and modify your site based on data collected from your site. This tool is a free link tracker for almost every site, no matter the amount of money. Google Analytics gives you basic insights into who visits and what they come from.

Strategies We Applied to Rank Software


Our review software compares products with users and connects the user with the right tools. However, software appearing on our website comes from companies from which Growann.com is compensated.

Compensation could influence where the product appears in the order in which it is presented. Not all vendors in the above category are included in Growann.com’s Ranking links. Therefore, ensure you’re careful in making any purchase decision. Rankings and reviews.

In 2022 – What Is the Best Link Tracking Software?

There is many linked management software out there. Some free and some paid. Who is better? It’s an online test of Link Tracking Software – for your use. Everflow provides a partner marketing tool to monitor marketing channels and manage and boost results in partnership.

Identify your potential customers and manage the relationship quickly. Consolidate partnership and performance channels so you can see the actual value of the traffic source, control the attribution of data to the right performers and optimize.

Link Can Be Trackedor Not.

Yes, it is possible to track links. However, You will find the Link on your computer using the tracker’s code. Typically, tracking codes are codes inserted into websites to track the number of visitors and the place they come from.

A web developer can see which sites are most visited by visitors and which are less popular. It helps you see how long visitors visit your website and what browsers they use.

Why Are Tracking Links Crucial?

The Link is the most important asset to digital marketers. This is how to see if your business has received an online audience. The viewer makes the decision, which will result in your sale. A web URL directs your readers to your website or your brand’s web page regardless of what platform you choose to publish.

You’ll also need new leads, and it’s important to learn what leads get you an excellent conversion rate. Statistics show that 96% of visitors have no prospect of making a sale.


1.   How do you track your links?

ANS: Google Campaign URL rotator software. Google ads Campaign URL Builder allows you to create URLs with UTM parameters to monitor performance in Google Analytics. A UTM is a tag that is a text file added after a URL and used for tracking a specific campaign—generally speaking.

2.   How can I see people who clicked on my Link?

ANS: On websites, Google Analytics is available. For that, use Analytics and its measuring tools to see how many clickable links are coming into your website. It will be a great starting point if your site uses the most popular marketing methods.

3.   How can I track clicks on links?

ANS: The best way to track a URL click on an image or website is with links tracker software. Use Google Analytics for this purpose. A tracking application provides access to the performance data for website users’ visits.

It allows you to shorten URLs to deliver more content efficiently. Web Analytics Tools can help with the tracking of your traffic. Google Analytics provides an easy and comprehensive web analytics system to analyze the traffic source to your website from your website.


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