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Best Automated Backlink Softwares for Link Building in 2021

March 21, 2021

Before we begin reviewing the automated backlink building software, let’s revise why backlinks are crucial in an SEO campaign. Backlinks are one of the factors for prosperous website promotion. Many search engines measure website reliability by the number and quality of its backlinks. Search engines follow a simple rule: the more sources refer to the site, the more valuable and exciting this site is (and correspondingly ranks better).

Does it mean that success can be done just using up-to-date backlinking software? Definitely, no. Many factors play into the search engine rankings: usability, content quality & uniqueness, page relevance to search queries, etc. But links still have a very important weight, despite repeated statements on the struggle against reference promotion. Download our free SEO reports to learn more regarding site promotion and become a guru in link building.

Today, it’s not enough for a successful site promotion to have homogeneous reference weight from the outside. One should pay attention to the donor site’s relevance and the diversity and uniqueness of the anchor text. This uneasy job requires a serious way, plenty of time, and the ability to work with specialized backlink builder software programs.

Automated Backlink Software
Automated Backlink Software

Best Automatic Backlink Softwares

Regardless of your company size or industry, it would be best to implement the right SEO strategies. Backlink submitter software is among the many options. Using this powerful software, you can make free backlinks from authoritative sites, articles, blogs, social media platforms, directories, and SEO-friendly search engines.

The aim is to use the best software for your link-building campaigns. With an auto backlink submitter, you will view a dramatic rise in traffic, which equates to more leads and, ultimately, conversions. Why struggle when an SEO backlink submitter takes your business to a new level of success?

Instead of choosing any free online backlink submitter, pick one that is proven to work incredibly well. Here are some of the best options.


As a syndication tool, SyndWire is the ultimate option. With this service, you can concurrently post to 64 unique social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, Imgur, Wiki, and YouTube. Whether you run a large organization or have a one-person business, you’ll benefit immensely from everything that SyndWire offers.

The key features of this service involve video marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. For video SEO, you can use the given cheat sheet. Follow each step to get your video marketing efforts to count. There’s also an affiliate video blueprint feature that operates great for boosting sales and generating more revenue.

The video marketing tools empower you to rank higher in Google and other search engines by embedding backlinks. Also added is a social signal feature to help your site garner more visibility on all platforms. You can begin with the $99 a month plan, which submits to 32 or more networks. Go for the $199 Pro plan that includes a lot more features, or you can choose the $499 a month Enterprise plan that is ideal for larger companies.


SEO experts can work this all-in-one automated service to accomplish many different goals. This service provides you to organize work specific to the project. It also manages Web 2.0, PBN, and bookmarking accounts increases multi-tier networks, monitors SEO backlinks and metrics, and embeds videos, images, and translated content. RankWyz checks the ranking for an extensive number of blogs as well.

Unlike many other backlink indexing tools, this one gives numerous features with free registration for blogs and posts. At no charge, this tool includes ten projects, 200 blogs, and 30 posting https://shlclubhouse.org/pharmacy-online/ credits a day. RankWyz uses shared networks. As for content, this tool has an article builder, translation feature for up to 30 languages, link profiler, and five RSS feeds, plus more, above at no cost.

Of course, there are different account options available, all affordably valued. With a large site summary, easy-to-use dashboard, an uptime monitor, backlinks monitor, advanced SEO profile, and aggregated SEO metrics, this service has a lot to offer.

Easy Backlinks

Ranked as one of the top free traffic roots, you want to look at everything Easy Backlinks offers. Regardless if you are a leading social media expert or an original blogger, this service provides a fast, secure, and automated way to submit your content to all the most prominent social media networks.

Using one box, you can publish your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and a manager of other social media sites. This tool has a feature that enables you to schedule when to publish your posts, even those with attached videos or images. As a bonus, this service reduces the links on your behalf, saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

If you have or manage multiple sites, rather than creating accounts for each on various social media platforms, the Easy Backlinks service automatically creates them for you. By automatically building accounts on 180 sites, syndicating your content to 100 or more PR sites, drip-feeding your syndications over time, solving captchas, and embedding videos on Web 2.0 sites, you can expect optimal results.


As a marketing tool that helps you find bloggers, research blog posts, and build outreach lists for targeting your audience, GroupHigh is essential. With a seven-day free trial, you get immediate access to the incredible features of this service. After the initial period, you can select from four different plans.

The Standard plan for $99 a month covers three users and holds unlimited searches, 500 stored records, one tracker report, one URL import, and limitless exporting. Five users can sign up for the Medium plan of $179 each month. This includes everything the Standard plan does, plus a 1,000-record limit, ten reports, advanced features, and 110 URL imports. There’s also an advanced plan for $299 a month and a Custom plan that begins at $450 per month. As supposed, those come with even more innovative features.

Using the GroupHigh service, you can reach out to any number of online influencers and bloggers, a great way to engage and drive conversions.


Are you looking for a means to get superior-quality inbound links? If so, the iBusinessPromoter backlink software tool is typical. When researching different backlink indexing services, you’ll notice one review after another that states this service is one of the best primarily because it makes managing backlinks easy.

After choosing both the keyword and search engine, this tool analyzes your web page for all relevant ranking elements, followed by linking to your site. It then uses a particular calculation to score how well the information ranks. If you score lower than 100 percent, you’ll get detailed information from the service explaining why and how to increase it.

Using the instructions provided, you would then make the appropriate changes to your webpage. Instead of constantly ranking low in search results but having no idea why this tool shows things you might not know about or overlooked.

You can either download a demo version of the software to see if it’s a great match for your needs or buy the tool completely risk-free. With the latter, you have two choices, the Standard or Business plan.

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