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What to Choose Between WordPress vs Shopify?

What to Choose Between WordPress vs Shopify?

If you are asked what would be your priority if you have to choose between WordPress and Shopify? Now, are you coming up with a reaction? “Bro! can you please increase my knowledge by pointing out a difference between these two?” Then we will say, My child! “Take a chill pill”. Are you fed up searching for better opportunities to start a business and exploring good shops from where you can start? One thing to agree upon is, these society aunties are real torture. Coming up with their advice, that child starts working, why don’t you try this, why don’t you prove yourself and there deep inside we are thinking we can only start when you will stop. But, something important in all this is that our today people really run short of time and with this when they are blessed with the technology, where they can manage everything on their phones, can manage everything without paying a visit again and again then who would prefer going out and starting a business when you have a blessing in the form of e-commerce?

shopify vs wordpress­


Clearly, we can say that it is being less convenient for people to go out and buy stuff because of their hectic schedules, different commitments or sometimes their lack of interest. But, in all this, people have a good alternative and this is what we can also consider as a reason which has made them super lazy. In this modern era, which is controlled by technology, where everything is just a click away, then who would care going out and wasting time?


Giving the best solution for all your problems, the most commonly used websites which are serving a purpose for e-commerce are WordPress and Shopify. There are several things which we should keep in mind before starting an e-commerce website but, most of the times these things are seen neglected.

  1. What is going to be your marketing strategies for the website? How will you make people aware of it?
  2. Your plan for the host of your website?
  3. How will you manage your inventory?
  4. What will be the methods of payment?
  5. How many sales do you expect?

eCommerce business
Everyone who thinks that online business is not a good idea and wouldn’t work out, they are rather in a cozy environment, enjoying their sleep and someone has forgotten to wake them up. Because e-commerce business has made a huge place in the market and now people don’t find it difficult in doing business as it also giving them a comfort zone where they can sit in their houses and can work.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if it’s easy then it would work for everyone. NO! it is not possible for every single person to just think today of going into eCommerce and tomorrow they will become a successful businessman.

Making an online business successful you need huge efforts, prior strategies, calculation of risk, good teamwork, arrangements for placing products, marketing and much more.

In a world of e-commerce, we have the number of examples but the two which are worth discussing are WordPress and Shopify. Those who are not aware of these websites, take a look at how they work and why they are recognized worldwide and get to see Shopify vs WordPress.


This name doesn’t need any kind of introduction as it has already created a brand image into the mind of its audience. But we will discuss WordPress to know the differences between the two websites and can see the competition between WordPress vs Shopify. Now let’s start digging into WordPress. To start with letting it make it clear what WordPress is?


It is a website which is designed for the people who want to achieve a certain goal in life. By not only providing a place for e-commerce but here you can also explore different things by getting to see amazing blogs and can showcase your talent by writing and letting the world know you as it is open-source. The site also provides you to install the app on your phones so that it becomes easy for you to start writing whenever you are free.

WordPress Web Hosting:

As discussed earlier, we mentioned that for a successful website you need good hosts. And when it comes to hosting, then let us tell you that WordPress works best in the environment of hosting with the best hosts. The hosts they are working with are:

  1. Bluehost 2. Dreamhost 3. SiteGround

Working with good hosts makes your website way more effective and give a side of satisfaction to the consumers.


WooCom, also known as WooCommerce. WordPress also provides a great opportunity for small merchants where they can start their business using WordPress. It is being the most popular e-commerce platform, proving 28% online stores.

“Your hard work pays off for you”, we might have heard this numerous time from our elders or from our elderly friends who loves being a parental figure to us. But, this is what the clients of woocom and the site WordPress have proved.

Providing a platform to the merchants, have changed our lives of so many and this is the reason where we can see the site, recognized as a successful leading website.

To carry in an effective manner, the website needs to be very easy for the people using it.

In this, we can see WooCommerce being efficient enough and not creating complications has made lives easier for its clients. The site uses WooCommerce shopping cart icon, which makes it very easy for the customers by displaying the number of items that have been added to the cart. It is added with the cart item count icon so that everything goes side by side. Make sure that you have activated WooCommerce plugin so that you can get a display of WooCommerce cart icon at the end of the primary buy cheapest valium online menu.

Not only this but just check their smartness, giving you full liberty and not restricting you with old ages type of icons. They give you options where you can select the style of your cart by your own choice. Isn’t it just amazing?


It will make you feel like, Oh my love, where were you? I’ve been waiting for you.

Don’t Want Themes in your WordPress?

Many people find it irrelevant to get themes on WordPress and want to remove it completely. Here we will tell you how to remove themes from WordPress in very easy steps.

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Themes
  2. Activate the default WordPress Theme (you can’t remove without activating)
  3. Click the deactivated theme to see its details
  4. Click the Delete button in the right corner

WooCommerce Easy Shipping:

With many advantages offered by WordPress, it also gives an amazing service in the form of WooCommerce shipping. You can get shipping easy WooCommerce facility. Surely, this is all that you need and guess what?? It is a free service from them. Isn’t it just awesome? You can save your time by paying your visit to the post office and making payment.

You can simply add the shipping zone to avail wp eCommerce shipping.

shipping zone

WooCommerce Shipping Calculator:

Shipping calculator? What’s that? You just mentioned about the shipping facility by WooCommerce and now this shipping calculator? Okay so relax! WordPress is being the way to humble for its users by providing with every facility so that they have to face no problems. Wp e-commerce shipping calculator is another benefit to be considered where the store owners can customize their shipping rates which include, product weight, shipping class, cart value, etc. In short, every basic calculation which they have to perform manually to proceed is automatically performed by WooCommerce Shipping Calculator.

wordpress ecommerce shipping calculator

Now let’s move to another exciting website for eCommerce which competes with WordPress. Yes! You got it right. We are talking about “SHOPIFY”.

Before going into many details, let us start by informing you what Shopify is?


Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company, known for providing a platform for online and retail stores. Sites like Shopify is all that you need to run an online business where everything is convenient for the small scale workers as well.

To make it easier for searching purpose, there is a very simple Shopify subdomain which is help whereas shopify.com is the root domain.


Once you are an owner and running an account at Shopify as an admin, you will get access to edit your Shopify theme. It means you are given liberty to choose the theme according to your will and make it as you like and always remember people always go for good looks, good looks, and good looks than whether it’s a person or a website. The more it is attractive, the more it will grab attention.

How to edit the CSS of your Shopify theme is the main question? So let us solve this for you as well. What you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin
  2. On the left, click on “Online Store”
  3. You will get “Themes” pages
  4. Scroll down to the Asset folder on the left, then click on it and then click on the CSS file.


shopify compare at price, shopify payments vs paypal

It gives you a way to manage your payments directly by making the payment method easy and in contradiction, it also benefits your business. With Shopify payment system you can track your money, small transaction fees, chargeback recovery process. These are some of the very basic details which you need to have when it comes to payment and these all are provided under Shopify payments.

Shopify also uses PayPal for other businesses. Now you must be thinking what is PayPal? Relax! No big difference. Let us tell you about Shopify Payment VS PayPal.

So as said, there is no difference whether you use Shopify payment OR PayPal for payment method. You can use both. The only difference is in the transaction fees.

Original VS Sale Price:

Who doesn’t go crazy when the word Sale appears in front of their eyes? For sure, no one. It’s like getting a lottery ticket for so many. Similarly, when working on Shopify, you put your product on sale at a lower price so that your customers can get attracted by seeing the original price and the price after the sale.

For displaying a sale price, you need to include the original and the sale price, which is called the compare at price.

How to close the Shopify Store?

There comes a time when it becomes very difficult for you to manage your business and for some reasons you think of closing it.

Shopify close store can be done by performing a few steps. For that you have to:

  1. Being an owner, log in to your account
  2. Click Settings, and then Account
  3. Scroll and click cancel
  4. Click Close my store, under want to close your store?

Simple No? Shopify is being the way to sweet. Even at the time of closing your store, it is not giving you any complication.


Another thing apart from closing your store comes the closing of your Shopify account. If you are planning to close your account, in this matter we will also help you. How easy it was to close the store, in the same manner, it is again very easy to close your account because once you have closed your store automatically you have closed your account. The process is the same. But when can you do is? You will get an option to Pause your account if you are thinking to take a break rather than closing it.


Summing up with all the details we have given for both the websites, it shows that WordPress is much easier then Shopify it provides flexibility.

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