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What is AMP and How AMP helps SEO?

Introduction to AMP:

AMP is referred to as Accelerated Mobile Pages. The words suggest that they’re pages intended to load faster on handheld devices. The impression of AMP is to create such an experience on mobile devices that the internet browsers function quickly and effectively. Whenever there is an alternative for standard webpage i.e. AMP, AMP version is sent a link which is to be found on the page through an HTML tag. Thus, this is actually what mobile phone users are catered with.


How is AMP supported by backup?

Even though AMP is greatly supported by Google, Google does not own the entire AMP Project as this Project website has more than 15 CMSs and160 Ad platforms that assist it. Yahoo Japan, Bing, and Baidu are additional search engines that imply the fact that AMP pages won’t only be of great value and use in the Google search engine results for publishers but its beneficial use is also widespread in other search engines as well.


Benefits of AMP over SEO:

  • Increase in speed:

The most essential benefit of AMP over SEO is the benefit of speed. Your website being ultra-slow can get really intrusive especially for 3G mobile users. But with the support of AMP, there is a drastic change in the loading performance and the increase in speed. The recent research via Google clearly demonstrates how the loading speed of pages rises from 1s to 5s and there is an increase in bounce rate as well by 90%.

  • Progressed performance of the server: AMP improves the performance of your server. Due to the high traffic from mobile phones, your server can be super-slow but through AMP pages, the strain and the high traffic on your servers can also be reduced.
  • Easily accessible search features: Google has places that are solely for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This can highly benefit the news publishers in delivering and publishing their articles in a way that can i buy adderall on the internet provides them quick access to several top stories of the Google search results on your mobile phones. Even the SEO services in the USA are greatly benefited through the easily accessible search features via the practice of AMP.
  • The lightning icon of AMP: The lightning icon of AMP in the Search Engine Results Page shows the serving of page via AMP. It is also observed that when users use AMP page instead of HTML, they will notice the rise in the click-through rate of pages as users know that this efficient experience on their devices will be more favorable to them.
  • Growing conversion rate: Another benefit of the use of AMP is the increasing and growing rate of conversion on various E-Commerce websites. It might not directly benefit SEO, but this increasing conversion rate is the key value of sundry digital marketers.


Limitations of AMP over SEO:

  • The lightning icon is not extensively known in the age of the digital world.
  • The hindrance of branding through the usage of Google URLs is a matter of disturbance for publishers who use AMP as they have noticed that the websites they possess are not shown in Google Search Results.
  • Moreover, the work and effort you have put on your AMP pages can’t be tracked easily as the forum does not cooperate well with analytics tools just like Google Analytics does.


In conclusion, AMP has merits and demerits of its own. Whether your website is capable of holding a heavy load or not is really an analyzation of cost-efficiency. The use of AMP can benefit the publishers out there in there news stories and contents but if your reason to select and work through Accelerated Mobile Pages is to raise the fast-loading speed of your pages then the time you have spent and the resources you have put to make it work are really a matter of cost-benefit.



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