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The steppingstones of website design

November 13, 2019

Creating a high-impacting first impression is most important for websites because visitors take only about 10-15 seconds to decide how much the website is acceptable to them. And this is the moment that can make or break the fortune of website owners. Most of the users from Brooklyn are most concerned about having a satisfying experience when browsing websites so that they can conveniently perform the planned tasks.  It means that the website design must generate interest among users so that they spend long hours on the website. And it all depends on generating a better user experience that becomes the guiding light in web designing. However, every website designer in Brooklyn knows how difficult it can be to achieve the goal because user experience can vary for the same design, with some liking it and others not liking it, and it is extremely challenging to create a design that everyone likes.

The only common thread that binds all types of web designs is the ease of use, which overrides the aesthetics of the design. If users are unable to understand the purpose of your website, face difficulty in navigating across the pages, and the design is not intuitive, they would stay away from it.  Taking a systematic approach to web design is the only way to address the issues of user experience (UX) that defines the quality of websites.

Plan with clarity of purpose

The purpose of creating the website and what it offers to users should be self-revealing in the website design so that users clearly understand its relevance and find reasons for visiting it. Users should be able to understand the purpose of each web page and what they can find there. Depending on the nature of the website, you want to create like an e-commerce website, entertainment website, social media, etc. make a list of critical features that you want to include. Step into the shoes of users and create a blueprint of the design for implementation.

Keep it simple

Keeping things simple should be the goal of web design by doing more with less. Avoid the lure of incorporating too many features on a single page as it can distract and confuse users and instead focus on a single feature that creates a clutter-free design. Optimize the information on the homepage by avoiding overloading and spread the less important information on the inner pages. Create enough empty spaces in design and use white spaces that help to highlight the content better.Maintain consistency in the use of colors, fonts, headings, images, and other design elements and limit the number of pull-outs like fold-outs, dropdowns, etc. and avoid using carousels, sidebars, tabs, sliders, etc.

Simplified navigation

Visitors should be able to easily find out the things they look for on your website, and this is only possible by incorporating effective navigation features in the design that guide users across the website.  Navigation helps in organizing your website and does the hand-holding that users require to discover your website by reaching out to every corner. Since users want to find the navigation menu immediately on logging to the website, it must be prominently buy xanax 2mg online visible. The navigation steps must be simple and intuitive and follow a logical flow to live up to user expectations. The best navigation allows users to access information in three clicks, and the menu must have minimal items to avoid confusion.


The color scheme of the design should support readability with careful selection of font and font size as well as its color and the background color so that there is proper color contrast to highlight the text and makes it better visible that aids reading.  Placing text against some background image is an accepted technique, but you must be careful to avoid the possibilities of the text color blending with the color of the image that can render it unreadable. Using a dark background with light but bright-colored text like white text on brown background ensures proper readability.

Call to action

Incorporating call to action (CTA) buttons or forms is mandatory in web design that guide users from Brooklyn about taking the next step on that page to accomplish the task. Some examples of CTA are sign up, buy now, registration form, subscription, social media button, etc. These buttons provide direction to users and drive them towards accomplishing their task without wasting time.  In the absence of CTA, users will find it hard to take the sequential steps on the website for fulfilling the task they have in hand.

Speed of loading

Select the features and design elements carefully to ensure that the website takes the least time to load. Users have very little patience and would not wait for long to see the website open. Instead, they would quit the website that can be quite damaging.   Images and videos occupy large space and take longer time to load, and you must use optimized images only to ensure that the loading is fast. To reduce HTTP requests, combine code into a JavaScript file or central CSS and as well minify CSS, HTML, JavaScript. Use a host that supports faster website speed.

Use scrollbar

To present a lot of information on a page without overcrowding, you must use a scroll bar instead of accordions and slide bars. Users appreciate the use of scroll bars as revealed in a study that showed a 30% increase in conversions for websites that have the scrolling feature.

Responsive design

Since mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic and Google has, for long, announced its fondness for mobile devices through mobile-first indexing, it has become almost mandatory to create web designs that display beautifully on the small screens. To accomplish the task, you must use responsive design for mobile devices to provide a very satisfying experience to users. Responsive design helps to achieve the goal of creating a single website that generates the same kind of viewing experience on desktops and mobile devices. By using a CSS grid, bootstrap frameworks, media queries, you can fulfill the conditions of responsive design. You can find important update about Technology News via us, just subscribe free of cost.

Finally, you must create a color palette that connects the audience to the brand.


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