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Whenever you begin your SEO prospect journey, you will land on the stage where you’d be discovering the client. It’s all about getting to know the needs, expectations, and goals of your clients and saving your time and cost. Your questionnaire should be thorough and should highlight your professionalism and knowledge. It should start by gathering some general background of the company along with the technical SEO aspects of the project. Moving on, the client’s expectations and content requirements should be asked, and the questionnaire should end with the exploration of several opportunities useful for clients in achieving their online goals.

Your SEO Questionnaire should include both technical and general information:

  • What is your company’s name?

It is imperative to know if your client’s company is operating as a Corp, Inc, or LLC. This will save you and your client from any difficulties in the future.

  • What work does your company perform?

When clients highlight their business, it becomes very helpful to determine keywords you should target and look for any disconnects amongst marketing intentions and messaging.

  • What makes you stand out from others?

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is what every business should use to maintain a difference from the competition. When you will know this in the first place, you can establish a sound tone of your can you buy xanax in mexico marketing content.

  • What are your target demographics?

Getting to know the customers that your clients would like to target can help you set up Google Analytics tracking that ultimately lets you see if you are accomplishing your goals.

  • Who are your competitors?

The information you get from an SEO questionnaire can be so useful in the stage of competitors’ research as it tells you how competitive the niche of your client can get.

  • Is your business only online?

Companies that only operate only are E-Commerce, SaaS, as well as digital goods & services. To set up an SEO campaign for such businesses can be different from local clients.

  • Have you ever worked with some SEO companies? If yes, have they made you fill out a questionnaire like this?

If your client has worked in the past with other SEO firms, its important to know the work they have performed as well. Knowing such details could inform you a lot about metrics formed earlier.

  • Did your website get a penalty by Google before?

If your clients’ website have been penalized in the past by Google then it could require a great amount of work to get the penalties removed and the professional SEO services USA can help you in doing so. It also indicates potential issues that were left unaddressed.


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