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How to Dominate the Google Search Engine For Your St. Louis Business

SEO provides a combination of techniques to place your website on top of search engines’ results pages, especially Google. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) due to the hundreds of websites and thousands of posts being published every few seconds globally. Therefore, even if you’ve managed to get your posts on the first page of Google, it can be very hard to maintain that position for a long time. However, since all website owners want is to get the best results, remain more visible, and get more traffic that can translate to more leads and boost sales, here’s how to dominate the Google search engine.

Improve UX

Unknown to many website owners, Google takes the bounce rate quite seriously. This is the average time site visitors stay while browsing your site. Professionally wrap your content with high-quality and visually appealing elements, including photos, videos, infographics, and cinematography. Instead of wrapping up one or two visuals, try several types because different site visitors like different visuals. Implementing this visual content strategy is one way to reduce the bounce rate over time, but you can also implement other strategies to improve user experience, including easy-to-navigate pages and well-organized content. If your business is located in St. Louis, Mo you may want to hire a search engine company in St Louis MO.

Be active on social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the high authority domains that rank favorably on search engines. Demonstrate creativity and have a strong presence online on some of the major social media platforms to help you rank favorably for specific keywords depending on the niche or industry you and your competition are in. Maintain high-quality visual content on social media as well. The most important thing is to have very active social media profiles. It is better to have two active social media profiles than 10 dormant ones. The key to dominating the Google search engine is consistency, as long as you correctly fill your social media profiles with product details and stories.

Optimize your site for voice search

You may not believe just how many people use voice search these days to look for information online. With more people opting to surf the web using their mobile phones as opposed to personal computers, the popularity of voice search has grown dramatically. People have become so busy that they have a hard time balancing between work and family. Making a quick voice search on the go comes in handy when they have no time to type. Therefore, optimize your site for voice search as well.

Guest post on high-authority sites

Writing guest posts on related, high-authority sites could rank well on Google. The challenge, however, is successfully pitching and tweaking your ideas for guest posting. To successfully pitch your ideas, you should first identify relevant sites where your guest posts can be accepted and follow their submission guidelines.

Google makes changes and rolls out algorithm updates from time to time, making it difficult for business and site owners to keep up with them. The trick to being visible is stalking your high ranking competition and finding out why they are ranking as high as they do. Once you do this, implement the same but do better than they do. However, you first have to implement all of the tips highlighted here before you can add what your competition is doing to keep up with Google’s changes and updates.


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