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How does SEO competitor analysis help businesses explore the avenues to visibility and success?

November 13, 2019

You are probably here because you already have a website for your business, but it is not generating as many leads as you expect it to.

The divide between expectation and reality in terms of business leads and ROI is often a result of poor search engine optimization (SEO). Poor SEO practices can keep a site from reaching impressive visibility and desirable profits.

Another crucial factor that affects the performance of every business in Toronto is fierce competition. Even three years ago, there were more than 1.17 million businesses in Canada. Of these, around 4,07,180 small, 8,437 medium, and 1,189 large companies are in Ontario. In Toronto, the business hub of Ontario, the number of small and medium businesses was around 36.3 per 1,000 individuals.

Why is acquiring new customers difficult for businesses in Toronto?

It is no surprise that finding your own dedicated market has been so time-consuming and challenging for you. You are possibly aiming at the same group of potential customers that ten other similar businesses in your area are targeting. It is impossible to rank higher without considering these Toronto-based companies that are catering to your customer base.

It is entirely possible to analyze your online competition without having an in-house SEO team. You need help from SEO experts, but you can always outsource your SEO needs to consultancy services in and around Toronto. The SEO industry in Toronto is booming, and finding a reliable company is almost a no-brainer.

Why should you opt for an SEO competitor analysis?

Here’s why you should get a competitor analysis for your brand and business –

  1. You can find out who your SEO competitors are.
  2. You will always know which keywords you need to monetize.
  • You will find out the money-making topics for your on-site blog and news sections.
  1. You will find the location of value-adding outbound links for your content.
  2. You will device new strategies to overcome your competition without blowing your marketing budget.

These are some of the advantages of running a competitor SEO analysis. As you receive the reports from your competitor SEO analysis, you will find several actionable data and stats that you can use to device your new SEO and digital marketing strategy.

What should you expect from your competitor analysis report?

The most straightforward and most user-friendly reports of competitor analysis can come in the form of an Excel sheet. Your SEO team can forward the report in any format you choose, but keeping tabs on-site performance is always easier when you are using an Excel spreadsheet. The typical, abridged SEO competitor analysis report includes the following topics –

  1. Competitors – The SEO consultancy service has unbridled access to a flurry of tools, including the most critical Domain Analysis tool. Such tools give them a direct look at the main competitors for your domain. You may have used a free or trial version of similar tools before, but none of them offer the same information as the premium tools most SEO companies use for their analyses. Besides, they already know which settings to leverage and how to troubleshoot these sets of software. Toronto-based SEO services already know where to look for the fiercest of your competitors. Thus, you can expect an accurate and fast analysis report.


  1. Top content – Your SEO team needs to determine which blog pieces and articles on your domain have performed the best in the past. Your website probably has hundreds of pages by now, if it has been active for more than a year. And the same is true for your top competitor. Finding the best performing content on your competitor’s site can be somewhat a challenge. You can expect to see the top competitor’s content in this section of the report that you need to match to attract a similar audience.


  • Keyword gap analysis – It refers to the process of locating the keywords that send organic traffic to your top competitors. Finding the top-performing keywords from your competitor websites is as confusing and time-consuming as it sounds if you are using free tools. Doing it manually is next to impossible. That is the primary reason most businesses rely on SEO consultancy services to complete their keyword gap analysis. You can request a keyword gap analysis of as many top competitors of your company as you want from your SEO service.


  1. Link gap analysis – These refer to the links your top competitors have acquired, and you need to obtain as well. Link gap analysis lists the URL, spam score, and domain authority of the links your competitor has gained over the last couple of months. Turning to your local Toronto SEO company makes locating the top links your competitor has obtained. You might request the link gap analysis report of one or multiple competitors of your Toronto-based business.


  1. SERP analysis – SERP analysis involves evaluating the highest-ranking websites on the Google SERP for a particular keyword you are targeting right now. It is the assessment of your chances to rank for the same keyword by outranking the specific competitors. These keywords can be long-tailed, high-volume, or location-based. Unless you have a thorough understanding of your existing keyword strategy, you will find it impossible to implement the data from your SERP analysis.


  1. Content analysis – Competitor content analysis is a wholesome way to evaluate the quality of your overall content strategy, including the high-performing keywords and links. It can tell you which pages you need to improve and which pages need to retire. Content analysis is a part of thorough competitor SEO analyses, but it takes considerable time. Therefore, you are better off leaving this responsibility in the hands of experts who have done this a hundred times before.

Competitor analysis is the only way you can find out what is driving your targeted traffic to your competitor brands. Is it their content, their link profile, or keyword game? Well, it is time to explore the truth! So, don’t wait any longer. Hire an excellent Toronto SEO consultancy service to demystify success for you and your team.


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