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8 Most Affordable SEO Companies for Small Business

Many owners of small businesses know the functions of SEO, but they don’t know the ways to make SEO work. You know SEO is of significant value to an E-Commerce enterprise, but there can’t be any price on it. You know you have to spend some money on SEO, but you are unaware of the figure. The point is to get hundreds of targeted visitors to your online store through the work of SEO. 37.5% of E-Commerce traffic comes from SEO, it brings more profit than any other organic effort you would like to try, and we can take Instagram marketing as an example for most brands. 

If your SEO fails to work, it’s expensive. If you are spending a huge amount per month to get rankings and you don’t get top rankings, then the money you could have spent elsewhere is wasted. 

Let’s have a look at the 8 most affordable SEO companies for small businesses to get to know the SEO dynamics better: 

1. Engine Scout 

The pricing of Engine Scout starts from $499 per month. The company is based in Australia and SEO is its core service. Their areas of expertise are content writing marketing, PPC, and Facebook advertising. This marketing agency focuses on SEO for businesses that are small to mid-sized. They specialize at targeting customers through Facebook ads and without lock-in contracts. Even though they operate in a smaller area and have availability issues, their cheap SEO packages are worth it.


VFMSEO is a professional services provider for SEO. They are known for their SEO services and use effective procedures to cater to businesses. They provide services for online marketing and their team has successfully maintained a certified record for sustaining and improving their clients’ authority as well as their websites by offering them amazing onsite and offsite marketing techniques also approved by Google. 

3. Straight North

Straight North is based in the USA and its pricing starts from $1000 per month. They are centered among marketing services, involving email marketing, PPC management, and web design, where can i buy prednisone for my dog etc. It’s a good company for small businesses working in extensive sectors ranging from the agriculture sector to technology. The fact that their services don’t revolve around SEO as much as the services of other agencies do, especially in the businesses of E-Commerce is a drawback. 

4. Local SEO Search Inc

Their pricing starts from $50-$99 per hour. The company is located in Canada and focuses entirely on SEO, specializing in the work of local SEO specifically. Local SEO Search Inc. is committed to providing services to small businesses, which is good news for start-ups as well as businesses that want to establish an online presence. They offer a great personalized service, but they aren’t well established themselves.

5. The SEO Works

The pricing of The SEO Works is hard to establish. Their user reviews are positive, which means your money is in safe hands. It is located in 3 locations in the UK. The core services include SEO including PPC, app design, and web design, etc. The good part is they offer a website review for free. They have certification for Google Partner Specialist for Google AdWords (PPC) and SEO. Businesses that are small and medium-sized can take help from this affordable SEO company as they are an award winner. Where pricing is hard to establish and you have to contact them to get a quote, some businesses look for a smaller and personalized SEO agency. 

6. Boostability

Boostability has a pricing of $25 – $49 per hour and is located in the USA. They are focused 90% on SEO, their core services involve local search, onsite optimization, content development, and link-building. They offer services for web design as well which is a plus! Boostability is an established organization since 2009 offering reasonable pricing per hour – appropriate for project work as well as micro-businesses. They support larger-small businesses in scaling up with SEO tactics. They also cater to a free consultation so that you can get going and their deal includes monthly calls as well. The negative reviews they receive are few, but the part where people have suggested improvements to them is a con and they don’t focus specifically on E-Commerce businesses. 

7. SEO Inc

SEO Inc. is located in the USA and its pricing is based on application, but you can expect to spend $1000 or more than that per month. SEO is their main focus, but they also offer other marketing services such as reputation management, PPC management, social media marketing, and mobile optimization. They are an amazing agency operating since 1997, and their small and well-knitted team makes things easier for other businesses. They don’t focus on small enterprises, so it’s a risk to step in there.

8. Fiverr

The pricing starts from $10 to $400 per month and is based in Israel. Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace catering with all kinds of services, be it for individuals or agencies. This platform is amazing in providing a variety of services online from graphics, writing, technical assistance, and web development, etc. Fiverr is flexible enough for you to hire SEO professionals and pay them based on the task you have given them. 


There are many E-Commerce stores whose owners neither have the technical skills, time, nor the patience to work with SEO themselves. It’s important, it’s necessary to invest in SEO in your business. You shouldn’t expect immediate results, instead, you should see the bigger picture. The long-term effect that SEO has on your sales is totally worth it. Even if you wish to outsource the work, you should learn about SEO so it’s easier for you to analyze the performance as well as the ROI of your company. You can hire others to do your work, but it’s important you assess what you are paying for. 

These 8 affordable SEO agencies will help you in ranking higher in Google search engines and you will not only have potential visitors, but these visitors will also be turned into loyal customers.

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